28 Days of The Self Love Project: Day 14 Happy Day of Love

Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

When I was in my 20’s I showed up to work wearing all black one Valentine’s Day to show my UN-appreciation of this holiday. I was single. I was bitter. I was OVER IT. I knew I had to be at work for 10 hours as flowers, candy, bears, baskets, and balloons were delivered to the job. It was laughable then as we all laughed about it on the job and it’s laughable now because I can say I was honest about how I felt at that time. (I told them days before I was going to do it).

It’s funny and not funny how things and days can affect how we feel. We allow it to. We choose it. Sometimes we can’t help it. The next day I went out to get the half off Valentine’s Day candy for myself. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! The next year, I passed out candy to all of my co-workers. I didn’t want anyone to have that feeling as gifts rolled in.

Those that love “love” like to express it. Some that are withdrawn, can’t stand mushy lovey dovely stuff, once loved or need love. I began to appreciate ANY DAY that brings GOOD, POSITIVE, HAPPY, LOVE ENERGY. I don’t care if it’s man made. I started to like how the colors of pink, red, white, purples, filled the drab warehouse that was often filled with stress. It also said to me, you may not be loved or appreciated on the job but, someone out there, in the world, loves and cares about you. And they are showing it. I learn to be filled with love in appreciation for the love others were receiving. Seeing others happy and smiling made me happy and smiley lol.

So, every year I celebrate Valentine’s Day by gifting myself, my parents, and a single friend something. I have a daughter and I give her something every year as my parents did my younger brother and I. Sometimes, they still give me something! Send a card. Send or give flowers. Call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them. Do something for your nieces and nephews on that day. Run the love meter up!

~Love, Nikki

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