Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: A License to Lose

I almost gave myself a LICENSE TO LOSE this morning. Fight for your right to HOPE. Don’t give yourself a license to lose by:

Apathy (no hope)

Comparison (comparing yourself to others)

Whining and Complaining

SOS STUCK ON THE SAME STORY, telling yourself the same thing over and over

Trying to control and micromanage

Fighting to be RIGHT

Don’t give yourself a license to lose.


Inspired by Iyanla Vanzant

Adversity, Your Friend?

Adversity, trouble, hard times, does not mean the absence of God. ADVERSITY doesn’t mean you’re not going to get the promises for your life or the desires of your heart. Sometimes you have to STAND, SIT, BE STILL, LEAD, or MOVE IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITY. During adversity, TRUST THE GOD OF THE PROCESS IF YOU CAN’T TRUST THE PROCESS. ADVERSITY is boot camp. ADVERSITY is a battle. ADVERSITY is strength training or the exercise of your STRENGTH. You’ve got this. FLEX. YOU’RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: 2022 and Relationships

2022 comes with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and Repairing or Strengthening Relationships. Relationships of all kinds will play a vital role this year in your life. Pay attention to the lessons you learn. Some will shape you, push you forward, and change you for the better (no matter what it may seem like at the time). Just don’t let anything distract you from your dreams and goals this year. It may have been all about you the past few years but, this year it’s about you and others. Play well with others. Disconnect from some and love at a distance and “with the love of the Lord” with others.

Make people feel loved and appreciated. Encourage as many people as you can. Show up when you can. Make phone calls. Send a thank you text with some detail (Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to xyz). Let it be known that you value your employees, friends, family, coworkers, strangers. “I appreciate everything that you do for me. I am so glad to have you as my cousin.” Lend a hand and donate to charity. Cook a meal for someone. Send flowers or fresh fruit. (ACTION).

Oh…family dynamics. You must deal with it. Once and for all and get on with it. If they want to hold on to it let them. You let go and remember, love from a distance if need be. Move around it. On the flip, strengthen those family bonds that you do have. Quality time with loved ones and friends are in order.

You may think this one is a no brainer when it comes to your child or children but, put down the phone or tablet and LOOK at your children’s faces when they are talking to you and when you are talking to them. Maybe the pandemic has made being glued to screens worse. I don’t know but, I do know it is important to LOOK into the eyes of the ones you love, especially your children and give them your undivided attention. They need to be seen and heard. Especially, with the instability of navigating our world.

You will meet NEW PEOPLE IF you want to that can have an interest in what you are doing or that may have connections for you. This is why I say once again, pay attention to the people that cross your path. But also pay attention to the classes or opportunities that come your way this year. Maybe there is someone at that event or in that class you can make a meaningful connection with. Yes, these events can be online as well. God works in mysterious ZOOM ways, too. I’d highly recommend being INTENTIONAL about where you go and whom you spend your time with this year.


The Last Sunday Morning Coffee Musings of 2021: Pack Light

It’s the last SONday SUNday of 2021. My .99 cents, leave whatever that weighs you down, as much as you can, behind. 2022 is a PACK LIGHT JOURNEY because it’s going to be an ACTION-PACKED year. You’ve got to be able to MOVE AROUND without baggage and drama and trauma. You can work on your healing while DOING. Though, it will be tough. Put it and folks in the hands of the Creator so you can get to work on your dreams and visions. Vision boards don’t work unless you do.


Day 9 of Day 12 of My Life Journey 2021: Lessons and Reflections

Sometimes you get the surprise of your life doing the thing you always do. Sometimes you get the surprise of your life doing something different. You see, that’s the thing about GOOD surprises, you never know when they are going to show up.

Every good and perfect (mature, on time) gift comes from the Lord. -The Bible


Day 8 of Day 12 of My Life Journey 2021: Lessons and Reflections

Emotional growth moment: My recovery time for getting over endings is swifter. I appreciate that because I can get on with my life and my work sooner. It doesn’t interfere with my creativity as much. I grew to this point. It was a very, very, long road. It would take months. Sometimes years because I carried those feelings of disappointment, hurt, sadness with me. During therapy, I found out that those who are creative tend to feel things more deeply and take things more personally than others. If you add in factors of people being blamed for things growing up or being the one to carry the responsibility at a young age, it results in feeling totally responsible for things when they don’t go right. In a sense I was carrying what I call and wrote about in my other blog, false guilt.

When you get a chance, give it a read.


Day 7 of Day 12 of My Life Journey 2021: Lessons and Reflections

Emotional Truth. Tell yourself the emotional truth about yourself and to the necessary person. Ask for the emotional truth to be revealed when you need it to be. And when it is revealed, accept it. Head on. I know it may hurt or be disappointing. It may even be surprising and a beautiful thing. The emotional truth is how you TRULY feel or how another person TRULY feels about you or a situation. You need to know the truth and you need to tell yourself the truth about your feelings so that you may be able to deal with them effectively.


Day 4 of Day 12 of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

  • I am only empowered in the NOW. Not in the past or not in the future.
  • Jealousy ruins everything. Including the person, it resides in.
  • People will back wrong doing and support unholiness because it’s family.
  • The actual saying is “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. The meaning of this saying is actually the opposite of the way we use it. The saying actually means that bonds that you’ve made by choice are more important than the people that you are bound to by the water of the womb.


Coffee Cup Cutie by Asiey Barbie

Day 1 of 12 Days of My 2021 Journey: Lessons and Reflections

For the next twelve days I will be sharing SOME of my many lessons and reflections from 2021. Without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

  • I don’t why I had to go through the agony and the turmoil to become a homeowner but, I did go through it. It was hell. I would have appreciated it even if was easy to get because of the things I went through in some of the rentals. Nevertheless, I am now a homeowner. I really had to dig deep into faith and it wasn’t an unfamiliar process because I’ve had to dig deep into my faith and stand firm in it many times. Here I sit victoriously typing this in my own home.
  • It’s important to have a strong mind. Some naturally have it and the rest of develop it through life’s experience. However, it happens, you really need a strong mind in this life.
  • It’s okay to take a day and feel whatever you are feeling to try to get through it. Understand it.
  • Some conversations and relationships must die. How long, how many years are you going to talk about it or deal with the person? Life is too long for rehashing the past at every holiday dinner, every time you see the person, or when you are in a bad mood because of a bad day. Or just because you THINK of it. And life is too long to drag a person through your whole life that obviously shouldn’t be in your life.