My Top Lessons of 2022: Lesson #3 “Escuchame!”

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In March, I took some dedicated time with God and called it, “Coffee with God”. I posted my 18 days of 15 minutes with God as I either, prayed, meditated, read from a specific book, or just sat there listening. Sometimes I spent the 15 minutes in nature. I wrote in my journal what came from the time spent. I shared it with you as a series

I still practice this “ritual” but with less restriction. I think from that whole practice of 18 days and 15 minutes, God was basically saying to me what my Spanish teacher use to yell or raise her voice in class when she wanted our undivided attention, “Escuchame! Escuchame!” It means, LISTEN TO ME!

LESSON #3; MAKE AND TAKE THE TIME SO THAT YOU CAN LISTEN TO GOD, SPIRIT, THE CREATOR, DIVINE. Take the time to deepen your connection to strengthen your LISTENING SKILLS. If you make it a priority, if you stay consistent, you will be able to hear before and during a situation instead of always being behind the 8 ball. (Hearing God after the fact).


My Top 12 Lessons of 2022: Lesson #2 Move Forward in Confidence

These are my top 12 lessons from my personal growth journey this year. I share in hopes to help someone or to give a different perspective to the human experience.

Sometimes, okay, many times, I feel as though no one sees me or hears me. I give friends and family the instructions and advice they need and they in turn get the same advice from others. It makes me feel as though I am not being heard or trusted. It makes me feel I am not valued because the person they get their information from may have more credentials, followers, or celebrity status.

God revealed to me that what I really was seeking is validation. We all want to be validated in some shape form or fashion or at some time in our lives. When they wouldn’t listen to me, I would feel like maybe they think I am a novice. When I post my beliefs, thoughts, revelations, wisdom, I would think maybe some of these other spiritually well-known people think I am a novice. Maybe because they never heard of me, they think I am a novice.

Here is what I NOW have come to understand, I am NOT a novice when it comes to God, the deeper things of God I have discovered or that have been revealed. I in fact DO know what I am talking about. I ABSOLUTELY have a deep connection to the Creator. I DO know what I am speaking of when God or Spirit, revelation, dreams, numbers, energy, speak to me. I DO know what I have learned from life, lessons, and experience. I am NOT a NOVICE. I DO NOT need to be validated by anyone except the one who created me, shaped me, fashioned and formed me in the womb.

LESSON #2; WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE, MOVE FORWARD HENCEFORTH WITH CONFIDENCE. I haven’t been sitting on a pew for 47 years. I’ve been connected, disconnected, reconnected, and strengthening the connection between myself and SOURCE. I have been studying, researching, reading, to show myself approved. I have been at many low points, valleys, and risen to the top of the hill with lessons. I have been in the fire, gone through the fire, and came out with fire.

IT’S OKAY TO KNOW YOUR STUFF AND TO BE CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU DO. It’s funny because I am confident in my skills to make an excellent lasagna. I am confident in my crocheting. I waver in my art because someone once said it was not professional enough. Yet, I have sold my artwork. It’s the penetration of the words of others that I have allowed into my psyche that I must remove. I am a hell of an abstract artist. I am an amazing writer and author. I am a UNIQUE vessel of the HIGHEST and I walk in that DIVINE calling with confidence.


My Top 12 Lessons of 2022: Lesson #1″I’m Not the Problem”

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These are my top 12 lessons from my personal growth journey this year. I share in hopes to help someone or to give a different perspective to the human experience.

We always hear, “Work on yourself. Do the work. It’s an inside job. You’re only attracting what you are.” First let me say that the last one really gets under my skin. I am not a liar or cheater. I don’t play games. I’m not many of things I get in the people I attract. So, “I don’t believe we always attract what we are. Even moths and other insects are attracted to light.”-Nicole Jackson. There’s room for expounding the last statement “we attract what we are”.

Secondly, I learned that I was not the problem in a “relationship” and there was nothing holding me back from a healthy relationship. But it was the other party’s own lack of healing, growth, confusion, and lack of honesty within themselves and to me that was holding them back from having a healthy relationship with me. What a relief that was. When I stopped jumping through hoops, I felt free. As a creative that is an empath and subject to take this deeply personal, there was something within that said, “Hey. Don’t take it personal. This person has a right to not commit for whatever reasons and they also aren’t ready to be with anyone. So, don’t take it personally.” I didn’t miss a beat. I kept right on with my projects and my life and it happened 3 days before Valentine’s Day!

My friends gathered around to coddle me but were surprised when I told them I was happy. I was relieved. I was glad this on and off again saga finally has come to an end. I was free. I was detached. No strings. I burned them. The individual and I remain associates. I had to remove our friendship dynamic as it was the bridge that kept us going back and forth. We are cordial and that is it.

TOP LESSON NUMBER ONE I LEARNED; I AM NOT THE PROBLEM. So many times, we try to figure out what is wrong with us and what we can do to make things work. It can’t work if the other piece is broken and doesn’t want to be fixed or can’t see they need some work.


What to Do When It’s a Friend or Loved One w/Anxiety or Depression Pt 6

Build them up

Times of personal difficulty, especially ones involving rejection, can bring people down and make them doubt themselves and their abilities.

If you notice someone you care for seems to be a little low, harder on themselves than usual, or going through some self-doubt, a sincere compliment or two can go a long way toward improving their outlook.

When offering compliments, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep them relevant to the current situation. For example, you might remind a friend who’s upset about a mistake at work about their usual pattern of success.
  • Choose compliments that highlight specific strengths over empty compliments that might apply to anyone. Instead of simply saying “You’re so thoughtful,” pinpoint what makes them thoughtful and share your appreciation for that skill.
  • Don’t gush. A well-placed compliment can make someone feel great. Overdoing it can make people skeptical of the compliments, or even a little uncomfortable (even when you do really mean them).


What to Do When It’s a Friend or Loved One w/Anxiety or Depression Pt. 4 You’re a Judge?

Avoid judgment

Nobody likes feeling judged. Someone facing a difficult situation as a result of their actions may have done some self-judgment already.

Regardless, when seeking support, people generally don’t want to hear a critique — even if you offer constructive criticism with the best of intentions.

When offering support, try to keep your opinions on what they should have done or where they went wrong to yourself.

Avoid asking questions they might interpret as blaming or judgmental, such as, “So what made them so mad at you?”

Even if you don’t offer any direct judgment or criticism, tone can convey a lot of emotion, so your voice might share emotions you didn’t intend to say outright.

Take care to keep notes of disapproval out of your voice by focusing on feelings like sympathy and compassion when you speak.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Tearing Down Paradigms

Me: Why does this have to be so hard?

God: Because walls don’t come down easily. It takes demolition.

Me: I don’t like this.

God: I know. But, it’s for your good.

That did not make me feel much better. Knowing something is for my good but, the huge challenge of not just shifting thoughts but, tearing down fixed thoughts. Breakthroughs are BREAK-THROUGHS and they come by breaking something. This mental war to remove a fear is a battle I haven’t fought in a long time. I am not sure if I have ever been through something like this and if I have, I can’t remember. So, how do I deal with this thing? This…huge fear about a particular thing. This fixed array of thoughts?

I’m not quite ready to face it but, I know I have to. In the meantime, I am trying to understand the root of this fear and how to control my thoughts and tear down thoughts at the same time. In my research, this came about, “THOUGHTS ARE DIFFICULT TO CONTROL BUT, NOT IMPOSSIBLE”. The NOT IMPOSSIBLE part gave me hope and it’s continuing to give me the strength to keep up the “good fight”. Think about it, so many things we do or have done are difficult but we do them!

I got that from Swami Makundananda along with these things:

  • It requires EFFORT
  • It requires PRACTICE. Effort and Practice.
  • It requires DETACHMENT. Effort and Detachment

And this will lead to success.

I am trying and it is a very difficult challenge that has come at a time when I wish it had not. Yet, here I am in the middle of it. If you believe in prayer, send up some for me. If you believe in love and light send that, too. Continuously. Overcoming this paradigm is draining and I am just beginning to uproot it through understanding. Not to mention, my attitude is “I don’t like this!” and I am trying to conform to “acceptance” because I know accepting it will make it easier.


Strengthen What Remains Notes: Get Innovative

And now you must be INNOVATIVE.

You must get creative. I looked in my refrigerator. I looked in my pantry. I said, hmm. I have some rice. I have some leftover mixed vegetables. I have some leftover baked chicken. I have some soy sauce. I can stir fry a meal.

Jesus said, I have two fish, and five loaves of bread. I can get creative and innovative. Work a miracle and feed 5,000!

Nehemiah looked around, saw some stones still whole from the fallen wall. He saw some stones, not whole but still big enough to build with. Then he got creative. He got innovative.

He got some HELP. Don’t forget YOUR HELP. Don’t forget some help. Some “help” are the people that remain. “YOUR HELP” is the LORD. All of my HELP comes from the LORD.

Wake up. Take Inventory. Get Innovative and Creative. Don’t forget your help.

Wake up. Take Inventory. Get Innovative and Creative. Don’t forget your help.

Wake up. Take Inventory. Get Innovative and Creative. Don’t forget your help.


Strengthen What Remains Notes: Take Inventory!


Have you ever had a job where you had to take inventory? Have you ever looked in your refrigerator or pantry to see what was in there and what you could make to eat? Well then, you took inventory. You’ve got to take inventory of your life.

Nehemiah looked around for what was left, what he could salvage, what he could, rebuild with. He looked around to see who was left and he strengthened those that remained. What’s left? Who’s left? What skills do you have?

As long as you are looking back, you’re getting weak. As long as you are talking about when you were in high school, you are getting weak. As long as you are wishing on a star, you are in a position of weakness. Strengthen what remains, so you can rebuild.

We’ve got to rescue the good things we have going before they’re gone. Spend your energy trying to revitalize what you have, not resurrecting what you don’t. Pay attention to who and what remains.

Take Inventory!!! You are looking at what you’ve lost, but you need to focus on what remains and strengthen it.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: My Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Money

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So, I’m taking this 5-day FREE class on Millionaire Frequency and it’s about an hour and a half long each day. The question was asked, “What are your limiting beliefs surrounding money, wealth, and success?” I immediately said, “I have none” and then I said “None that I know of”. Well, let me tell you, that was a lie. I clearly heard the Spirit say, “Yes, you do.” And as I tuned back into what the man was saying, he mentioned to look at where you are, how you go there, and where you want to go. He talked about looking at your accounts and your spending and saving habits.

Well, when you explain it that way, I can see how I may have some limiting beliefs. He said to take some time and to really think about it. I did. There were instructions to write them out, examine them, and to tear them up as a physical sign to get rid of them. I wrote them down but I have not torn them apart because I want to examine them. I’ll get rid of them in a few days. I’ve been afraid of success and shared that. I thought I’d gotten rid of it but, it’s still showing up. I also found out or was reminding in this class that the old paradigm, way of thinking, programming, is very difficult to get rid of and it can only be rid by repetition and the planting of new thoughts. Did I mention this course has many spiritual elements?

Here are SOME of my limiting beliefs about money, success, or wealth. I am not ashamed to let you know. Maybe I should be but, I am going to share anyway!

  • Deep down inside, I fear it’s too late to talk about retirement savings because I am in my late 40’s. I didn’t prepare.
  • If only I had gone after my true dream and not let my parent stop me. I would be happy, successful, and living my dream.
  • I’m single. I don’t have a husband to financially support me as I go after my dreams and goals.
  • I am afraid that if I become wealthy, I will lose it. Something will happen and all of my money will be gone. Somehow, I will lose it all. (This is the root cause of fear of success for me and others. This thought of the inability to maintain wealth or status)
  • I’ve missed my time

Now, these are some of the thoughts, old paradigms, programming that pop up in my mind and cause friction between me getting to where I want to be financially. However, I am committed to my goals and dreams. Here are some of my new thoughts, programming, paradigm. You are in control of your thoughts. You can change what you think. Change your thinking, change your life.

  • Age is nothing but a number. It’s never too late to become a millionaire or to save, invest, or all three
  • No one is stopping me now. I can dream new dreams and set new goals. I have. I will.
  • I have no husband? God is my provider. I’ve been providing for myself and my daughter. What am I talking about here? Such a flaky excuse.
  • If I can become wealthy, I can hire the right accountant to help me manage my money. I will not lose my money. I have grown so much and become much more financially conscious. My habits are changing.

What about you? Do you have limiting beliefs? Maybe you, too, are unaware of them. I hope you can take them and replace them with new thoughts and beliefs. This way you can begin to form new habits and patterns to help you financially…and spiritually.


Strengthen What Remains Notes: Seize the Moment

Be honest with yourself. Have you fallen into a lull?  Are you going through the motions, not realizing that you are sleepwalking through what has the potential to be your best and most fruitful years with God?  Think long and hard about it. Are you going through the motions? Are you wasting time? Are you in the routine and rut of life? Have you grown complacent? Complacency will SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU! There is a huge difference between complacency and contentment. Complacency means this will work for me forever or I have given up. It is what it is. But contentment means, I am satisfied for now BUT, I need something else. Something better. It is what it is but, there is greater ahead. There will be greater after this. Haggai 2:9 says this other house will greater than the former! And in this place I will give you peace!

Maybe you don’t realize you are sleepwalking through what could be the BEST and MOST fruitful time in your life!!!!! It aint over! It aint over! Your work, your life, is incomplete! You are not finished being a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a friend, a spouse, you are not finished!!! You’ve got more life left in you! You’ve got more to give! Wake up!

You’ve got to wake up. You can’t stay mad too long. You can’t stay sad too long. You can’t stay nonchalant too long. You’ve got to grow. You’ve got to move on. I know it’s difficult. I know it’s scary. I know it’s not fair but you must, we must wake up and see what’s going on. We must open our eyes and deal with the reality and tragedies that are going on. God is asking you to care about the church. God is asking you to care about yourself!

Believe it or not, God really does care about you. God cares about your success, progress, your hopes and dreams. God cares about your disappointments, heart breaks, and let downs. God cares. And I am mighty glad that he cares, and he is working things out for you! But you’ve got to get back in the game of life! You can’t win sitting on the bench!