28 Days of The Self Love Project: Day 11 Love with Benefits

A journey to true, deep self-love is the best, most rewarding, hard work you could ever do for yourself. There are so many benefits and these are some I have discovered.

It builds this amazing confidence and resilience.

It builds this relationship with yourself that is not built on lies.

It makes you better for those YOU love, those that love you and those who are yet to love you.

It makes you choose peace over pain.

It teaches you to be less judgmental and more mindful of your own business.

 It strengthens the law of attraction. It sets you up to receive the greater goodness of life.

It teaches you to let others be as free as YOU want to be. It’s a dangerous thing to be religious without self-love. It’s a dangerous thing to be spiritual without self-love. You know why?  It creates a self-righteous stench.

Self-love can illuminate your path. It can make your journey so much clearer. It can make your purpose so much clearer.

Self-love is dynamic; it grows through actions that mature us. When we act in ways that expand self-love in us, we begin to accept our weaknesses and own our strengths. We have less of a need to explain our shortcomings. We have more compassion for ourselves as human beings struggling to find personal meaning. Self-love helps us to create a more centered life. But you must do the work that brings gratification like no other.


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