Rams, Bushes & Botched Plans



I dreamed about something and I was certain that’s what God was showing me. I was sure of the instructions. So, I did what I saw as I was told. After all, I had confirmation. I’m sure this has happened with your intuition or gut feeling which I believe to be the Holy Spirit within. Well, it turned out not to go as I saw in the dream. I made a mistake as things were running smoothly. I caused the glitch in the plan.

After careful thought and with much delay, I asked for a second chance. Now, I don’t know if I’ll get that opportunity again. I’m still waiting. However, I begin to feel really bad about it all and I said to God, “What if they don’t give me another opportunity?” And it came to me “I have a ram in the bush.” But, I still felt bad. I felt why did I bother asking for another opportunity. And again the voice said to me “You have done your part. It is up to them to do their part. Either way, I have a ram in the bush.”

Yeah, but I thought, maybe this ram, won’t be as good as what I had at first. God speaks “Equal or greater, I’d never give you anything less than what you had before.” But, I just couldn’t get past my feelings and I guess that’s why all I heard in my spirit last week was “I have a ram in the bush.” Well, I’m finally at peace knowing either way, I’ll be well taken care of pertaining to my destiny.

We all make mistakes concerning our destiny. Sometimes, the other party is forgiving and sometimes not. Either way, the the ram in the bush will appear at the moment of sacrifice or when your heart is ready, and not a moment sooner.


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