How to Judge Yourself

As long as you underestimate yourself you won’t succeed in life. Never judge yourself on what you have done. Judge yourself on what you will do! Every person living has made mistakes. As soon as you start to compare your mistakes with others, you lose. You are now judging yourself or them and I just said, judge yourself on what you will do! Not what you have done!


Reference: The Power of Decision Making by Charles Raymond Barker

3 thoughts on “How to Judge Yourself

  1. I find in the race for the biggest mistake, I am a clear winner. I can rattle off my mistakes at 100 / every five minutes. Or as we used to say in my neighborhood first truth-teller doesn’t stand a chance. Or something like that.

  2. Wise words, yet sadly so difficult for many to put into practice – fear is such a strong and crippling emotion, but all it takes is a mindshift to change the picture – keep spreading the motivation 😊✨💫

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