Who’s Is It? It’s Not Mines.


Yes! You arrive home and the gift you ordered has been delivered. Oh, isn’t the wrapping simply marvelous? You hate to rip it apart so you carefully unwrap it only to find out…IT IS NOT THE SIGNIFICANT OTHER YOU DESIRED!

Certainly, there was a mistake made. You dash to your check list of must haves, must not have, maybe and you discover this “gift” does have some things on your must not have list. Must not be a liar, must not be a cheater, must not be possessive and obsessive, must not be a jerk, must not be a smoker, must not be a heavy drinker, must not resemble past mistakes etc etc etc.

Oh but, it’s so cute! Oh it’s so funny! Oh, it gives me attention and affection! It talks to me! BUT…DID YOU ORDER THAT? Who’s is it? It’s not yours. It’s not your size and I promise if you try it on it’s just going to make you look SAD! If you eat it, it’s going to make you sick! You’re allergic to cheaters and married people remember? You get broken hearts from that stuff! It’s going to make you look silly. You really don’t need another I told you so from friends and family.

Well, what are you going to do with something you didn’t order? Something that is not good for you? Something that doesn’t fit? I suggest you send it back from wherever it came from. Who’s is it? We don’t know…but he or she is not yours!!! Simply mark it return to sender…who sent it? We may never and have no need to know.


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