Sunday Morning Coffee Musing:Unnecessary Guilt


Let me dive into a personal truth about myself. For years I use to struggle on the inside with feeling guilty about speaking out when someone has wronged me or has disrespected me. I was a sensitive child and I am PROUDLY a moderately sensitive adult. Being sensitive to the feelings of others and issues makes me the compassionate woman I am.

However, from time to time when I KNOW I am right about standing up and speaking up for myself, or letting a person know how far they can go or where to get off (lol), I still struggle with a tinge of guilt when CLEARLY I am in the right. I don’t allow people to hurt my feelings without them knowing how I feel about it or if they have disrespected me I tell them. How else when they know? Grow?

If you struggle with the guilt of hurting others feelings or with expressing yourself, then it stems from somewhere. Sensitive to others or you’ve had your voice dismissed in the past when you were unable to feel OKAY about BEING RIGHT. I think mines came from my childhood. In various ways, I was shut down negatively when I was right because well, I was a child. And authority ruled. It was the law of the land. Also, in a more positive way, my siblings and I were very respectful of each other and rarely argued or fought once we grew up. We all have had to apologize to each other as adults but, rarely. Yes, we taught to apologize when we were children as well. We were taught that way. However, parents rarely admit or apologize for being wrong. Thankfully, my parents grew spiritually and as we got older they have apologized for doing things the way they were did or things from the present.

I just want to say, stand in your truth. Stand in your right. Stand and have a voice. Help people to grow and to know where the line is on how you will treated and respected. Even it hurts them, they will grow and know. No guilt for speaking the truth and your feelings.


Baileys Original Irish Cream is in my Folgers. ❤


Something About Boaz


It’s a good thing Boaz didn’t look at how much money Ruth could bring to the table. When he saw her getting the scraps and found out her story, instead of judging her, he saw that what she could bring to the table was priceless. Loyalty exceeding death, beyond bloodlines, doing what she had to do, commitment and the ability to love and labor for those she loved. He would have missed out. #SomeThingAboutBoaz

Rich and Wealthy Now


My heart is just filled with gratefulness and love this morning. Like up to the top. I even feel a little misty eyed. Thinking about how rich and wealthy we already are if we would take the time to stop and smell the roses. Totally immerse ourselves in the moment of a conversation with a friend without looking at our phones or immerse ourselves totally in the pleasure of a cup of tea or glass of wine. If we would look into the eyes of our family when we see them and hug them each time with all of our might. If we would reminisce about the fun times of childhood we would laugh and feel good about all of those good memories…rich irreplaceable moments with friends and cousins. Wealthy in our small homes and apartments surrounded by objects we adore and that are priceless and meaningful to us even if we got them from a dollar store or if it were passed down to us or given to us by a friend. Wealthy in the events of accomplishments big and small, public and private. Wealthy in nature. Yes, money cometh. Yes, wealth and riches is in your house. But just know, we are rich and wealthy in the now. -Nicole Jackson

Happy Love Day Bloggers!!!


Happy Love Day!

I make chocolate covered strawberries. That’s almond crunch you see in the first picture to the right. I also make milk, dark, white chocolate and many more combinations. I didn’t so much this year as the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia has been giving me the blues and my right hip has been giving me a fit (probably bursitis or some flare up) for over a month! Hopefully, will get it under control.

Anyways XOXO to you and all of my single bloggers out there.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: After the Morning After (For Single Ladies)


There is a song that comes to mind by a legendary group named Maze (Frankie Beverly and Maze), with a chorus that says “After the morning after, and after the night before, when all of the fun is over, will you still want me anymore?” Now, I am a bit of a realest when it comes to being single, my past-present-NOW in that area, how much I share is at my discretion, and if I feel it will help you I will share and be honest.

We live in a world where one night stands and false promises of “let’s see” how things go AFTER you give a man your body run rampant. Often ending in no relationships, but just relations. I know to some your body, your sex, may be nothing to give away at all. It’s nothing but a roll in the hay for the liberated woman and I am so fine with that for you. However, for those of us that simply want more, well, we value our bodies in a different way. We don’t want to lay down with ANY body or EVERY body to “fulfill” the pleasure of the body and to wake up the next morning still “feeling” the want for something much more and something long lasting. There is no greater relief than avoiding the octopus arms and charms of a man and to find out a few weeks later he wasn’t all that interesting or interested in you. He was only after one thing. The calls dwindle. The conversations lulls. The avoidance is obvious. And you say to yourself, “Whew! Dodged a bullet!”

The temptation to give in  when what you really want is more than a roll in the hay, what you really want is a serious relationship, what you really want is a lifetime, is the vicious cycle of being in the moment and waking up to an awful feeling. I’d rather get to know the person FIRST. I don’t want to take a chance with my body or my emotions too soon. I am fine with that meaning I am picky about who I want to sleep with. I am fine with that meaning I may not be his chosen one because I didn’t give up the goods sooner rather than later. I am fine if that is labeled as old fashioned. I just want others who feel that way to be fine with it, too and to know there are other women who are not so liberated in that area with their bodies or emotions.


The Ugly Moments of Single-dom


When I first saw this, I thought to myself, I can relate. I never cared for the hoax of “I am single and I 100% enjoy it, 100% of the time, and I never ever have lonely moments or times when I want to through in the towel” type of single people. Or the “Sure, I get lonely, but you’ll never know it” type. I like real single people with ups and downs. I like real single people that can encourage, but say hey, I had a bad day, week, month. I like single people like me!

The other night, I don’t know what came over me. I was thinking way too much and feeling way too much. I said, “You know what? I give up! I’m never going to find someone or someone will never find me. This is taking forever! Just forget it!” I turned off the computer and I went to bed. All kinds of crazy thoughts bombarded me. I kept telling myself, I had the ability to respond to this situation….so respond. It took me some time to pull my disheveled emotions together.

“Okay, what is the root of this madness?”

You have to answer yourself honestly to get to the root. SO I went through some BS answers and got to the root…”You’re lonely. Things are not working out with the guys you are coming across, you are tired. You are upset.”

Now, “Do you want to just continue the self destructive talk and talk about this in the morning or do you want to try to handle it now?”

I chose now because I needed some sleep.

1. Deal with the self destructive talk. Are these things true about myself that I am saying? Are these things that I am spewing about myself coming from insecurity, frustration,  or has someone said those things to me in the past? If so, is that person relevant now? If it is true I can fix it. If it’s not true then what is true? Speak those things about myself! (I did!I started feeling better instantly. But, I had to come out of that place of frustration).

2. Breathe. No really. Three deep breaths. Yoga. Breaths for clearing.

3. Now, reassess. “You’re having a meltdown. A single’s temper tantrum.You want what you want and you want it yesterday. It’s not happening now. It’s like 10:45 P.M. and you’re home in the bed. It may happen tomorrow. You should give up! You should give up for the night and get some rest. You should give up trying to make something happen before it’s time, AGAIN. You can’t force it. If you did, it wouldn’t last or you would be miserable forever. So, you know none of that stuff you said about you is true. Reaffrim the good things, the good qualities…and chill.” Then I prayed. And that was it! (still had to settle in).

Look, some of us will never be the poster child for the strong confident single woman/man. It’s too much pressure for me. 95% of the time, use to be about 50%, then it kept rising as I kept learning, I am okay. Other times, not so much. I don’t mind. It makes me reachable and relatable and I love to encourage others from a realistic point of view.


Less Christian, More Christ


Do you represent your denomination more than you do Christ? Do you represent theology and the thoughts of man, rather than the thoughts of Christ? Are you dogmatic in your views..”your” views…YOUR views…instead of looking through the lense of the gospel of Jesus, the Christ?

Do you volunteer to feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the homeless, cry when something terrible occurs to others, but that’s as far as you go? Will you protect them via money or calling your representative about bills that need to be passed or halted? Are you nice to everyone at work, no matter their religion or color, but that’s as far as you go? Will you stand up for their rights if your rights are not affected? Do you really…really see other believers as your brothers and sisters in Christ? Or is that only good for religion and not to stand against injustices or a tyrant of a leader that wants to oppress your “sisters and brothers” of color and different cultures in Christ? What about non believers? God still created them. Are they off the list?

I’d like to see less Christians and more Christ.