28 Days of The Self Love Project: Day 10 This Just In…

Loving yourself truly is a never-ending journey because each day you make choices, subconsciously or consciously, to reflect the love you have for yourself. You will not always make the right choice, best choice and that is okay. You have the power to change your mind and your choice.

Also, while working on these 28 Days of Truthfully Loving Self, I discovered there are levels to this journey. I wasn’t happy to find that out because usually levels require some sort of painful or eye-opening experience or request. Those things, just like this work thus far, aren’t always pretty. Hmm, just when I thought I was finished. Nope. But the benefits of doing the work outweigh the dirty work. Even during the hard work of learning to love self TRUTHFULLY, TRULY, AND HONESTLY there are flowers that bloom all around you. Those eternal flowers make it worth the work and I will discuss those benefits, eternal flowers, tomorrow.


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