God Is Not Concerned

I’d rather you make the wrong decision than not decide at all. You can at least say you took control of the situation. You made an executive decision. You exercised your power. But the problem for most of us is that we are afraid to fail. We have been taught to be ashamed of our failures instead of understanding failure is a teacher. It helps you to make better decisions.

Listen, God, the Infinite Intelligence, the universe, is not concerned with your failures. There are no records of your mistakes and failures. It is the past. You are the present aiming towards your future. The Creator only wants to assist you in creating the life you are desiring. That’s it!!!


Reference: The Power of Decision by Charles Raymond Barker

3 thoughts on “God Is Not Concerned

  1. Funny that I’m seeing this now. I just had to make a tough decision for myself today because the other person in the situation has been “seeking God” for a year. Yes!! And entire year. And yes, I was foolish enough to wait around that long because of the respect that I have for them. But today, I said no more and decided to move on and I feel nothing but peace.

    1. I have been in your shoes and this year I made a decision to cut ties and move on. I, too, waited a year. How much power I gave them waiting on them to decide about the relationship! However, I took my power back by making a decision to move on. I am glad you can feel that peace, too.

  2. There are times I agree with your premise and other times I have disagreed. I sometimes make decisions too quickly. I need help not being reactionary. May God grant me that wisdom sometimes

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