Day 8 of Day 12 of My Life Journey 2021: Lessons and Reflections

Emotional growth moment: My recovery time for getting over endings is swifter. I appreciate that because I can get on with my life and my work sooner. It doesn’t interfere with my creativity as much. I grew to this point. It was a very, very, long road. It would take months. Sometimes years because I carried those feelings of disappointment, hurt, sadness with me. During therapy, I found out that those who are creative tend to feel things more deeply and take things more personally than others. If you add in factors of people being blamed for things growing up or being the one to carry the responsibility at a young age, it results in feeling totally responsible for things when they don’t go right. In a sense I was carrying what I call and wrote about in my other blog, false guilt.

When you get a chance, give it a read.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 of Day 12 of My Life Journey 2021: Lessons and Reflections

  1. You know Christmas is a time for false guilt. I have felt it this year as I do every year. About six years ago, I reached back to a former (get ready for this) high school girlfriend. I had treated her poorly, and I felt guilty. So I found her, sent her a note, and said, you know I am so sorry.

    She wrote back and said, “who the hell are you.” LOL yeah, so much for that. However, I noticed she contributed to my Walk to Cure Arthritis effort this year. Which prompted me to say, “who the hell gave that.” LOL

    So darn funny.

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