Spiritual Renewals

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Spiritual renewal happens as a result of endings. Usually, in the midst or endings or the cusps of endings, you can’t see anything good coming from it. Especially, if the ending of something was tumultuous or not what you desired. It can take some time to “see” what can come out of things ending. Endings can be scary for some because it’s the unknown of what’s next that creates uncertainty. Uncertainty can create fear and doubts.

A renewal of connection with spiritual things can happen such as a deeper faith or a stronger conviction in beliefs. Resilience can develop. A new perspective can be gained. These things can lead to a different way of doing things and a different way of seeing yourself! It doesn’t always happen immediately and usually happens over time.

Who can see anything good right away about the death of a loved one, the sudden loss of a job, or the ending of a relationship? It’s rare unless you have a greater spiritual understanding of things. I couldn’t see anything good about the sudden death of my brother last year. But as days went by, I started to see he no longer had to suffer or struggle to stay in this world. I also remembered that it’s not right for me to hold on to someone that is ill and wants to give up or to judge them if they give up on fighting. It’s there right as it is my right. I know what’s best for me and he knew what was best for him. Plus, I felt it was between him and God.

No one immediately sees the benefits of losing a job suddenly. Of course, they should have concerns and worries. It’s natural. But then they find another job, go back to school, or change careers and life goes on. Perhaps, their faith was strengthened or they became resilient during the process of finding another job or reinventing themselves. I never thought I would become ill at 35, go through the disability process for 3 1/2 years, and not be able to work a full-time job. It was the worst time of my life but, I gained so much spiritually and learned about finances, budgeting, and how to enjoy life frugally while still reinventing and reimagining my life as we speak (or as I type). I learned more about myself and grew drastically in numerous ways. It deepened my relationship with God and myself. I am still learning.

None of us will get through this life without endings. It is what we gain from the endings or how we respond that gives us value or perspective. Or maybe, perseverance.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Renewals

  1. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. This makes me think about a situation I went through last year and you are correct. While going through it, I could not see anything positive resulting from it. Looking back now, I can see how my relationship with God has gotten stronger and what He has for me now…which is greater than what I was trying to hold on to.

  2. I have had so many endings in y life. But I have had more beginnings. If I can stay one step ahead, I am doing OK. Just one step ahead, that is all I can legitimately ask for. One step is always my payer.

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