Problem Solving with the Anointed Mindset


PROBLEM SOLVING 101(Pt 1): Identify. Recognize the problem so that it can be solved. A problem cannot be solved if u don’t know what it is. Get by yourself, close your eyes if need be, and ask “What is the problem?” You will be heard and you will be answered. Now, whether you accept what you hear, feel or see is up to you. Many times the problem was me! Sometimes the problem was someone else and it I was told not to worry about it. Sometimes the problem was my response or my actions.

PROBLEM SOLVING 101 (Pt 2): If there is a problem, there is a solution. Sometimes the solution may be your response. Sometimes the solution may be a change in your behavior or how you live. Let (allow) this Mind, the same mind Jesus had on this earth to be in you. Christ was not Jesus’ last name. It was a title. Jesus the Anointed per Greek translation. The Bible says we have the Christ mind. Christ meaning “anointed.” Therefore, we have an anointed mind. And anointed mind has access to information from God and the Holy Spirit. It has a connection to angels.

When a problem creates stress and chaos,  it is an indicator that you have separated yourself from the Creator. (Yes it is okay to initially feel all of the emotions you feel when a problem manifests whether you created it or not. After you settle down, just connect to your anointed mind). Whatever problem you “think” you have is saying “Some where I made a choice without God or without peace or without love or without consulting my higher self” or I am responding in a manner that is not bringing me peace. This is separation.When Jesus says “Take this cup from me,” but turns around and says “Your will be done.” I am human, I do feel, I am afraid…okay…let me use my anointed mind  and change my response…”Your will be done.” The solution is to connect to the mind of God by using your “Christ” mind.

You know your “problem” because u asked. Now, know you know your solution-use your anointed mind to solve this “illusion” called a problem.

PROBLEM SOLVING 101 (pt3): The reason I say problems are illusions is because it can be resolved. I want to be clear, when it comes to sickness and diseases you can be healed. It can be resolved. But, what if it cannot? You’ve known someone to die of a disease or injury. I have. I pondered that. Until, I was diagnosed and things begin to happen to me. Well, I said why can’t I resolve this problem? Perhaps, as I wait on my healing the solution is my response. Do what I can in the natural, adhere to the doctors orders, unless the Spirit tells me other wise, and try to live each day with a positive outlook. It is already solved. We seem to claim victory, but even victory comes in many forms. You can’t have a problem without a solution if you connect to the mind of Christ, connect to the Creator and ask “What should I do?” and then do it. How do you know you’ve done the right thing? Peace will appear. You will feel light. Miracles happen. Things get better. You get the picture.




2 thoughts on “Problem Solving with the Anointed Mindset

  1. I really do like your ideas, they do indeed sound a lot like the ones I have on my mind and am torturing around in my blog. All in all, you seem like a great person! Continue on shedding light!

    1. Why thank you awarenessindependence! I try to be diverse and open when it comes to spiritual things. I also try to be inclusive where all can receive something from the post and apply it to their own life/religion/belief system.

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