Letting Go but, Letting Love Remain


The first thought of letting go usually comes with the thought of detachment from the situation and person completely. It also comes with the thought of detaching from the outcome. I have heard many say let go and let God (deal with it). Not much is easy when it comes to letting go but, it can be the most freeing thing. I think of it as holding a weight in your hand so long that when it is taken away, you initially still feel the sensation of the weight and minute by minute your hand gets lighter and lighter.

Well, we let go of things and people in different ways. Here is my curve ball: When you have to let go of a person that is a very close relative. I did all I could. Some of what I did was not authorized by God either. You see, I am a fixer. A peacemaker. But, you can’t make peace with:

  • a warrior
  • a person in a war with themselves
  • a person that doesn’t want to work at creating peace
  • a person that is delusional
  • a person that doesn’t like you

You can however, make peace with all of those situation.

So, as I asked/prayed to God about it, the answer came very clear to me: “Let Go but, let love remain.”  In the event that relative changes for the better and they come around, YOU won’t be so far detached  you can’t mend the gap.



4 thoughts on “Letting Go but, Letting Love Remain

  1. True…so true. When you let go and let love remain, you are free from every trace of hatred and that helps you make peace with the situation. Well said

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