Moving Too Fast in the Dating Lane Pt.1


“Wait! What was that? You’re not ready for something serious?” “Oh. Never mind. He said “yet.”

I was the Queen of jumping in! Time and time again even when my head and heart hit rock bottom against reality. I can tell you from experience “Head over heels” hurts when you come to yourself and realize you’ve been unconscious and willfully oblivious to the red flags and the tugging of your woman’s intuition (aka the Holy Spirit aka your Higher Self aka I have to say all of that to get you to read this), that at times banged on the door of your heart like a swat team before a raid! Yes…a raid on your the mind you have lost and woke up to find it somewhere in the wilderness. You’d think we’d be more careful with it and our hearts after the many heartbreaks and aches we have endured.

Slowing down when it comes to relationships and love is a wise thing to do. However, it only comes when you make a conscious decision to actually slow down and to think through your emotions. This coming from one of the most emotional creatures you may know/should get to know, me. Too many “I love you’s” too soon. Too many “In a relationship” statuses before it ever was a status on Facebook. The do you like me and I like you, check box yes or no from elementary carried into adulthood is a sign of immaturity in the area of relationship and love. You truly have to be willing to face your habits. When asked have I ever been in love I can honestly say NOW, only a few times.

Moving too fast even when the other person is riding with you can result in tickets of disappointment and embarrassment. It can result as a moving violation of the heart and God forbid you are a single parent with children involved. It can result in a head on collision with reality: He is not the one after all and now you are clinging for dear life to the fantasy you’ve been living in your head. You’re looking around at the damage you have caused and the clean up crew called TIME arrives to clean up the mess and to heal your wounds…AGAIN.

I do know no one can not predict a heartbreak  or when a relationship when end. However, I do know the chances of an accident increases with speeding. If you are blindfolded by the THRILL and ADRENALINE rush, being HIGH off emotions puts you at risk for a serious crash and burn. You might want to buckle up your emotions and feelings.

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