Mars in Retrograde. My Bad.


Sunday morning coffee musing:
Yesterday was a pretty good day. I spent the evening with my daughter and friends at a free concert at The Levitt Shell. It’s a free concert series in Memphis,TN that starts in the summer and lasts until October. Everything was great until…

My temper suddenly had a flashback to a time where I had no restraint. Out the blue (though they tell me there’s no such thing as out the blue…meh), I had two things that seemed to set me off:
1. A lady in traffic.
2. Neighbors parking in my PAID parking space without asking!!!!

Oh when I tell you I lost it…I lost it. When I finally settled into bed I had to ask myself what is wrong with you? Is it the moon? Planets out of whack? Are you really upset about something else? What are you so angry about? What’s with this irrational behavior?

A friend suggested I needed to ground myself. I did. But, the logic in me needed an answer to the why. I don’t know much about astrology (just about zodiac signs) as it relates to charts, but I found it interesting Mars is in retrograde (had to find out what that meant then it became ah ha! Interesting!). Basically, it could be the cause of my irrational behavior and outburst. However, being a Christian I could just blame the devil. Logically, I’m taking responsibility for my actions/responses but, I needed to know why. Psychology tells me perhaps subconsciously I was tired and already bubbling with irritability. All I needed was something, anything to tick me off. Oh, and don’t forget, I created these circumstances with that undercurrent of low level energy.

Breathe. I don’t need to know why. I need to release the need to know why (this time) and move on into the new day I have been given. There is no pressure from the Creator to be perfect all the time. Only the strong suggestion to be mature. To grow…continuously. My response in both situations wasn’t mature, but taking responsibility for my irrational behavior and response was. Win-win.


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