My Top 12 Lessons of 2022: Lesson #2 Move Forward in Confidence

These are my top 12 lessons from my personal growth journey this year. I share in hopes to help someone or to give a different perspective to the human experience.

Sometimes, okay, many times, I feel as though no one sees me or hears me. I give friends and family the instructions and advice they need and they in turn get the same advice from others. It makes me feel as though I am not being heard or trusted. It makes me feel I am not valued because the person they get their information from may have more credentials, followers, or celebrity status.

God revealed to me that what I really was seeking is validation. We all want to be validated in some shape form or fashion or at some time in our lives. When they wouldn’t listen to me, I would feel like maybe they think I am a novice. When I post my beliefs, thoughts, revelations, wisdom, I would think maybe some of these other spiritually well-known people think I am a novice. Maybe because they never heard of me, they think I am a novice.

Here is what I NOW have come to understand, I am NOT a novice when it comes to God, the deeper things of God I have discovered or that have been revealed. I in fact DO know what I am talking about. I ABSOLUTELY have a deep connection to the Creator. I DO know what I am speaking of when God or Spirit, revelation, dreams, numbers, energy, speak to me. I DO know what I have learned from life, lessons, and experience. I am NOT a NOVICE. I DO NOT need to be validated by anyone except the one who created me, shaped me, fashioned and formed me in the womb.

LESSON #2; WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE, MOVE FORWARD HENCEFORTH WITH CONFIDENCE. I haven’t been sitting on a pew for 47 years. I’ve been connected, disconnected, reconnected, and strengthening the connection between myself and SOURCE. I have been studying, researching, reading, to show myself approved. I have been at many low points, valleys, and risen to the top of the hill with lessons. I have been in the fire, gone through the fire, and came out with fire.

IT’S OKAY TO KNOW YOUR STUFF AND TO BE CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU DO. It’s funny because I am confident in my skills to make an excellent lasagna. I am confident in my crocheting. I waver in my art because someone once said it was not professional enough. Yet, I have sold my artwork. It’s the penetration of the words of others that I have allowed into my psyche that I must remove. I am a hell of an abstract artist. I am an amazing writer and author. I am a UNIQUE vessel of the HIGHEST and I walk in that DIVINE calling with confidence.


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