Hello June 6 Energy

Photo by Nikki’s Confetti Life-Rooftop overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River

May was one helluva rollercoaster ride for many but now that you are on the ground plant your feet firmly. Stay grounded and rooted in the TRUTH and not your negative thoughts, doubtful thoughts, self-pity parties, or feelings that do not serve your higher good. May was a MASTER CLASS and I hope you learned and grew from it.

June’s SIX energy:

Bring your HIGH ENERGY and your HIGHER SELF to the GAME OF LIFE. It’s time to UPLIFT, GATHER, and HAVE FUN. It’s time for the SHEDDING OF LIGHT in this darkness. Receive so healing and give some healing. Also, accept people for who they are and where they are in life in this present moment. Accept where you are and who you are. Maya Angelo said, “When people show you who they are, believe them!”

Now when you take the 6 energy of this month and add it to the 6 energy of this year you get 12. When you break the 12 down you get 3. We are working with a 3 energy as well this month.

The 3 energy:

This is a high energy for CREATIVITY. GET INTO IT. Express yourself on any level and with any medium you choose. Art? Blogging? Podcast? Speaking? Fashion? Spirituality? Let your voice and choice be heard.

On the flip: Balance. Don’t burn yourself out with all of this high energy and “doing” or “going”. On your to do list include NOTHING. Include rest. These energies can also cause you to be melodramatic. Don’t get pulled into drama and gossip. Don’t get caught up in seeking attention. Instead, love yourself. Accept yourself. Also, accept the fact that not everybody will not like you. It’s a fact of life.

MAKE TIME for the Creator. Make time to read something that will feed your soul. Make time to meditate.

This is the short of the energies for this month. Enjoy your JUNE!!!


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