Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Becoming A Peacemaker

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We wish for the world to be a place of peace but, are we remotely peaceful within or individually peaceful beings in our own worlds? I mean, are you peaceful in your own homes and on the job? I am sure you are peaceful at your place of worship but, what about out and about like, say, the grocery store or the mall parking lot? Are you spreading and fostering peace wherever you go? Reflect on it.

I would like you to consider becoming a peacemaker. One that creates peace. A peacemaker must commit to becoming a peacemaker. You first need to SEEK PEACE WITHIN. If you are not PEACEFUL within, you will not be PEACEFUL without.

Creating peace involves reconciliation with you and others. It involves, with intuition and guidance from a higher power, helping others reconcile. It involves sticking to the truth. Not conspiracy theories and which person you like the best or your political party. To the peacemaker, the truth matters.

Maybe you thought being a peacemaker was being humble or a rug that people can walk over. No, a peacemaker speaks up with love for themselves and for others when prompted and moved by Spirit or intuition or injustice. A peacemaker is not a person that avoids conflict or confrontation to keep the peace or to appease a bully. No, that is not being a peacemaker. That is being PASSIVE.

As the week rolls on, look at the many opportunities in your life to create peace. Also, if you are not peaceful within, maybe seek ways to begin the journey of peace within. Where to start? Start with an honest look at why you are not peaceful within. Try it without blaming a person and perhaps focus more on what choices you are making and what you are allowing. Perhaps searching for self-help books or a therapist can help you uncover the truth. Also, if you are religious, tap your faith for scriptures on peace and go into meditation. There are so many ways to heal, I am sure one is for you.


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” Matthew 5:9

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