Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: End Games

I’ve been learning how to appreciate and give thanks to endings. I have to remember I’m in the year of endings. Endings bring beginnings and your beginning can be an adaptation to loving and living, a lesson, a change, or something new.

This is another reason I was so chilled about what happened Saturday (Another guy stood me up!) I laughed about it because we really didn’t have a connection for it to matter. Oh, the dating world is crazy at times. I still enjoyed the event and met a new friend. But in this situation and in all situations, it helps to know the seasons of your life so you can govern yourself accordingly. I can ground myself by reminding myself what season I am in. I can understand what is happening even if I don’t understand the all of the why. It helps me to stay focused on my dreams, goals, and visions for my life.


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