Weeding Out What Doesn’t Belong

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

Wrap it up. Pull it together. Things are coming to an end. Weed out what does not belong (like a garden).

Correlating some of your life with the seasons is a good way to know you are in season. (Remember, things can happen in our lives in and out of the earthly seasons and that requires using your intuition or the Holy Spirit for Christians. It requires guidance from Source but, that’s not our topic today.) March is a time where you should prepare your space, your mind, your heart, your life, for what is to come. What’s lurking in your garden?

What is in your home that you don’t use or no longer need? Get rid of it. What situation needs to end or change? End it or change it for the better or what is best for you. What thoughts, patterns, activities are not in alignment with how you want to live or how you see your life? Observe and find a way to change them. Your thought patterns are so important to how your life is going and will go. What you think about predominately, how you think about yourself, God, others create your life experiences. Your patterns, the way you do things, take care of things, your habits are a direct result of your thoughts. It’s time to weed out the garden of your life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is time for a clearing and a change.

If it’s not serving you or no longer represents who you are now, then it’s time for weeding it out.


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