Since When vs “SENSE” NOW


Since when did we have to choose one thing and be that one thing or do that one thing forever? Since when did we have to remain “doing” a particular ritual or “being” a particular way, all the while inside we have outgrown it or developed a different perspective? Since when did we stop believing it was okay to try AND fail? You know we tell children that, but we caution adults to stick to sure things. Since when is it not okay to keep learning and evolving? We say never, but laugh at the 60 year old that graduates from college. These things, this evolving, this taking chances, this changing one’s perspective, this doing more than one thing, this coloring outside the lines and erasing lines…since when has it ever been so wrong?


Since parents or guardians tell young children it’s more important to please me, as a parent, than it is to do what makes you happy

Since parents steer children in the careers of their choice and not the child’s. Since they don’t mold the gifts and talents the child has, but the ones they want them to have

Since religion says read this and only this. Do this and only this. Think this and only this. Don’t question the Great One or the Masters. Don’t you dare! Or fear being cut off and exiled…banished forever…you will have no one and you will be shunned by us and your family…shame will make you stay in places where you are spiritually dying. Funny…dying spiritually before you die physically so you can die spiritual.

Since fear.

Since you care too much about what others think.

Since people get upset when you…brace yourself…change….(insert gasp)

Since you want to be liked

Since you will look foolish at your age or going outside family tradition

Since you are afraid your thoughts don’t line up with the majority


Maybe more SENSE NOW than SINCE WHEN


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