The Religion of Ego and Knowledge


I do not know why it is so difficult to allow other people the same freedom of choice to their religion as you may have. Even if that choice is not to choose a religion period. Must you insult others intelligence by insulting their choice? If so then the problem is you and not them.

I know many have been taught their religion is the right religion for everyone or that no religion is a better choice and it’s foolishness to believe in a Higher Power. All of that is ego to me no matter how you spin it. I am not here to debate or argue about this because I believe God, the Creator of the Universe, is intelligent enough to know what he or she may be doing. Some will even get hung up on the “she” yet we say (in Christianity) God is a mother to the motherless…(sighs heavily).

I was born and raised a Christian and many others were born into their religions. I was taught to hold fast to my beliefs. I am sure others were taught to do the same. Some choose their religion. I am happy they could choose. Once I read a post that said “If you do not believe ALL of the Bible, word from word, you are not a TRUE CHRISTIAN.” I thought “Whoa, I must not be a true Christian and God help those souls who didn’t have ALL of the Bible back then and we don’t even have it now so….oh never mind. Sorry, God, I wasn’t thinking.” My point is there are just as many stipulations placed on me as a Christian as it is for other religions to believe what they are being taught or reading. With that being said, I let go of the notion that I have to be right about my beliefs or other have to be right about their beliefs. It is all going to work out. The only concern I have about another’s religion is if they are harming others or themselves and if they are teaching hate. If they are outside the scope of acceptable morality and behavior.

People went into a “hissy” (an angry outburst or tantrum) fit when Oprah showed different religions all over the world. I was awed. I was inspired. I thought it amazing. I thought it beautiful. I could find the common ground. I wasn’t disgusted. Others, not so much. In my religion they all were lost souls and going to hell in gasoline underwear. Wouldn’t you agree Nikki? They said. Me:Sips tea and remains silent. Every question doesn’t need an answer.

When I hear truth and wisdom, no matter where it comes from, my spirit can receive it or respect it.Sometimes you can’t because it’s not truth, it’s not your truth, or you are just not willing to receive anything outside of your own beliefs. I get it…we were told it’s dangerous and yes it can be sometimes. Especially, when you have master manipulators skilled in brainwashing.

I don’t need to do battle with you about religion or with another Christian about Christianity. I am secure in my relationship with the Creator. Trust me, it takes a very secure relationship with God to say publicly I don’t believe some of the things my religion teaches me. You run the risk of being excommunicated and denounced. It is good to know that nothing can separate you from the love of God.


God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth-John 4:24

The purpose of religion is to control yourself, not others-Dalai Lama

P.S. I have also discovered not only do we do this with religion, we have a tendency to do this with other things as well. I just respect the journey of others and know it is not mine. If we are wrong life, God, Universe, has a way of correcting us all.



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