Beach Wisdom Pt 2


Sometimes the manner in which you arrive to your destination is not a pleasant one. Yet, the desitnation will make the struggle not have that much of an impact on you. You can’t be in awe of beauty and hurt for long. Nature heals. #BeachPleaseWisdom

You shouldn’t have to fight for a peace of mind when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature. If so, check the company in your environment.#BeachPleaseWisdom

When you rise up early in the morning to observe the dawning of a new day, God will speak to you about the troubles on your heart. Meet God in the cool of the day.#BeachPleaseWisdom

The storm was on the left side of the water and clarity was on the other side. Eventually, clear skies pushed the storm along. #BeachPleaseWisdom

Some can be on vacation physically and still be mentally enslaved to chaos, contention, and confusion. #BeachPleaseWisdom

Sometimes we put ourselves in situations that could have been avoided if we would have waited on God. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity when all along the opportunity was not ours to began with. Let God order your steps. Even if it is a step back or a stand still, or a “not this time.” #BeachPleaseWisdom





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