Finding Power While In Poverty


There is a stigma in America that those who are impoverished are people who never had any dreams and aspirations. They assume those who use an EBT card never worked or don’t work. They assume all of the impoverished people are lazy. They never stop to think many are elderly people who have worked their entire lives. There are those that are having hard times for whatever reason and are working towards coming out of their situation. There are veterans and the disabled. Yet, many enjoy making assumptions as if they are facts and they love to insult those who are in holes so deep they have given up.

I can tell you one thing, giving people HOPE and INSTRUCTIONS goes further than stereotyping and bashing. Using your “spirituality” and looking beyond their situation, giving them a hand up and a hand out (because sometimes you have to feed people so they can hear your message and instructions). Believe it or not, inspiration works better than insults.

I’m currently living on the verge of poverty. If I did not have a relationship with God, a connection to a place (church) where I can fuel up, the love of reading, and the gift of being inspirational to others, I too would drown in my sorrows, my mistakes, my illness, my misfortunes. If I did not have others that speak into my life and if I didn’t have parents that are able to help me as I rise out of the pit. You find power in the midst of poverty by GUARDING YOUR MIND and your HEART. You find power by being thankful and grateful for what you do have. You find power by creating a plan to get out of the situation. You create in you a will to not just survive day by day but you put into action a plan to thrive. You don’t let the insults keep you down. You don’t let the stereotypes keep you in shame and angry. These things will keep you hopeless. This is why I believe you have to surround yourself with people that are inspiring and disconnect from the ones that are not . You have to purchase books and watch programs that motivate you, that change your emotions and thoughts. It may be a long time coming, but with these things in place you can make it. You may have to wait until the baby is older, but in the meantime you can better yourself spiritually and mentally. You can choose better relationships. You can save. You can search for a better job, create a side hustle, work on your credit. In other words, you can prepare yourself for better days. Because IF YOU WANT THEM, better days are created by you and what you do NOW and NEXT! Be patient with yourself and keep moving forward.


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