Putting On the Ritz


After you have jumped through hoops, served with excellence, bought every expensive gift, never let him see you barefaced and messy hair, dropped everything and everybody every single time to come running to their beckoning call, laid yourself down as a willing sacrifice, be everything they needed you to be, a lover, a secretary, a psychiatrist, a maid, a door mat….and finally! They love you!

But now, that love has appeared you are tired. You just want to be yourself but, noooooooo you’ve got to keep up the charades honey! You’ve got to “Put On the Ritz.” Don’t go a’ changing on them now! Go out there and break a leg! It’s show time! No?

No is right. All kinds of tips on how to make a man fall in love, how to make a woman fall in love, and just be yourself is almost always at the bottom or never on the list. Well, as a great performer once in my life or 100 times, lol, I opted out of the showbiz of “making” him fall in love and just decided to be myself. If a loving, honest, caring, romantic, moody at times, spiritual, etc etc you get the picture, woman is not enough then that is okay. It just means that you are not the one.


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