When Givers Receive


I’d rather give than receive may be my truth and yes it is a noble thing to be a giver but, what about it being just as honorable to be a receiver? I enjoy being the blessing to others. It makes my heart happy and my soul feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. However, when someone wants to do something for me I say “Oh, that’s okay” or “No, no, I will pay for it.” Could it be I am not allowing them to have the same feelings I have when I give? And could I be saying to the Universe, “No. I don’t want the harvest I have sown.” This is a law in the earth. So, I have learned to receive with these thoughts in mind.

I was reminded of this when I went on a walk at the park last month on an unusually cool summer morning. An old man with his walker was coming towards the bench as I got out of my car and headed towards the track. He sat down and I started to walk. As I got halfway the track, my sciatic nerve begin to ache and I turned around because I was not sure it was a good idea to keep going.

As I came back up towards his way, people were passing by saying good morning. He reached in his bag as I got near and as I slightly had passed he said “Here” and I turned around. He handed me a small fruit. It took him a moment to get the next sentence out, “This may help you.” I said “Why thank you! Thank you so much.” I headed to my car and I saw him handed another walker a tangerine.

On your journey, as some were meeting their goals, or accomplishing what they came to do at the park that day, I was turning around because I had some difficulty. We all received some “help” along the way. Dear Giver, it’s okay to receive some help. I bet he had a happy heart and a warm fuzzy soul that day.



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