Facing Trauma (s)


When bad things happen, what do you do with them? I know we say we get over it but, I am talking about really really bad things such as trauma. Do we really get over it or do we bury it somewhere deep in the psyche (or at least think it’s buried deep enough)? Only to have it resurface in the oddest or “triggering” moments. Has the results manifested into “personalities” we label as “this is just the way I am/always have been” to the mysterious “I don’t know why I do “that.”

We tend to believe, because it’s been said that if you are over it, you don’t talk about it. Well, if you never talked about it in an environment or with a person that can help you, certainly you are nowhere near over it. I don’t necessarily buy if you are over it you stop talking about it or don’t think about it. I think a sure sign that you are over something is when you can address it properly when it does show up. And it takes skills to do such.

I was embarking on a journey to write about how I got over some things but, then I realized in order to address those things, I had to think about other things in my life. The light went off in my head how connected one experience can be to many other experiences. Imagine living a life of multiple traumas…well some of us don’t have to imagine. We did live them and we are still here. I also realize the degree of trauma varies based on the individual. This should be obvious because we all handle things differently in our lives.

Well, when I realized I wasn’t as healed as I thought I was or perhaps, old wounds may not hurt but the memory does, I realized I was going to need support. I hate to say this, as a Christian, sometimes a “talk” with your spiritual leader is not always enough because they are not equipped to help you on the level you need assistance. It is not their area of expertise and if they were honest, they would tell you that and help you get the help you need. I do believe God works through professional counseling just as God works through doctors, teachers, the mechanic, the designers, etc.

I am reminded of the story where the man is drowning and asks for help, and when God sends several boats the man refuses help. Well, sometimes we may take a boat that can only take us so far.Maybe the boat can get us to land but, they can’t take us to the hospital. All I am trying to say is, if you need professional help, to help you face whatever you are going through, take it.


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