Black and White and “Red”On the Inside


Yesterday morning I was in Nashville, TN with my family. I am usually up before everyone and I went down to the lobby at Homes 2 Suites to watch and read the news and to have my morning cup of Joe (the gourmet coffee there is really good). I sat down on the side where there were people on their laptops and there was a long table with comfy seating. I adjusted the bright orange throw pillow behind my back for because my lower back was aching a little. I wanted to steal a few moments before my niece, nephews and daughter woke up.

About 15 minutes later it began to get busy as people were coming for breakfast but, not much noise just good mornings and nods. A young white couple (whom I soon would learn were from Kentucky), sat down at the other end of the table. When the boyfriend chose the table, she wasn’t sure. I said “It’s okay you two can sit here” as I smiled. I think she was thinking “Hon, there are other tables for two and this woman is probably trying to enjoy some alone time.” We began to chat. The next thing you know we began to laugh at some of the things we were talking about. At one point we both were crying laughing. She talked about a concert they went to and shared videos of the band. Not once did she assume because I was black I wouldn’t be interested. I loved that. All three of us talked about farming and grandparents, places to eat good barbecue, sweet tea (in the south, a restaurant that has good food and sweet tea is alright in our book!), and we talked about strawberry lemonade. We talked about much more but, soon it was time for them to finish packing and head out. We bid farewell and safe travels.

In a matter of minutes is the reminder that we are human beings first. We are sharing this space. We are sharing our lives, experiences, and even memories. We are creating moments. We all have something that can connect us. It’s so superficial to base it all on skin color, culture, and gender.  In relation to God or whomever/whatever you believe (in), what if the one of the biggest challenges is can we coexist? Can we share our table?

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