Fatigue. The Unexpected Guest.



I have an alibi. I was in the bed sleep, minding my own business and all I did was wake up. You’ve got the wrong house! Let me call my lawyer. Someone’s going to pay for this!  (Probably you!)  It’s the SURPRISE FATIGUE. The kick in your door and take no prisoners fatigue, except your body. But, I haven’t done anything! Oh well…that’s what they all say!

You see I can understand if I was physically busy today or if I have had a long week of things to do. I can understand fatigue showing up at my door. But, what I can’t get use to is when fatigue shows up for no logical reason. I want it to have a reason. I need it to have a reason. It would be nicer if it showed up like the Girl Scouts selling cookies so you could politely decline. “Oh no, no thank you, I got some fatigue last week. Try back in a few weeks. I have three doctors appointments, a family gathering and a birthday party to attend. Not to mention household duties and parental/spousal responsibility.”



Or maybe you could say “Sorry, buddy. No one by that name lives here.” And give it this strange look.


But unexpected fatigue is rude and as brutal on your body as the fatigue you experience when you can understand why. Fatigue can come from mental or physical exertion. As I reflect on my week or just the day before I realize I have dealt with quite a few “mental” exertions: Stress solving a financial situation, not so good news about an unresolved medical mystery from the doctor which left me pondering, completing a book I have re-read and edited again this week before the final release. I forgot to pay my dental insurance and now I have to try to get it reinstated. Oh…I see why you may have showed up fatigue. Nevertheless, you are still unwanted. I had great plans for today!!!


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