Strengthen What Remains Notes: Take Inventory!


Have you ever had a job where you had to take inventory? Have you ever looked in your refrigerator or pantry to see what was in there and what you could make to eat? Well then, you took inventory. You’ve got to take inventory of your life.

Nehemiah looked around for what was left, what he could salvage, what he could, rebuild with. He looked around to see who was left and he strengthened those that remained. What’s left? Who’s left? What skills do you have?

As long as you are looking back, you’re getting weak. As long as you are talking about when you were in high school, you are getting weak. As long as you are wishing on a star, you are in a position of weakness. Strengthen what remains, so you can rebuild.

We’ve got to rescue the good things we have going before they’re gone. Spend your energy trying to revitalize what you have, not resurrecting what you don’t. Pay attention to who and what remains.

Take Inventory!!! You are looking at what you’ve lost, but you need to focus on what remains and strengthen it.


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