Strengthen What Remains Notes: What’s Left?

When Nehemiah heard about the ruined wall of Jerusalem, he wept. (pause) I just want to let that sit there. He cried. It’s okay to cry!  

Yet, he rebuilt the walls of the city by using the remnants of the wall he had left and by strengthening those who remained (Neh 1:3-4, 2:17-20).

He took what was left, the remnants, the leftovers, and by strengthening those who survived, they rebuilt the wall. I know, I know, some of us have been destroyed. Our hearts have been broken. We have taken some big hits. Things from out of nowhere. After you weep, you must strengthen what remains of your heart, your money, your life, the church, and rebuild.

What do you do when you’ve suffered a great loss?  When you have lost sight of your purpose?  When your joy or your faith isn’t what it used to be?  

You wake up from your slumber, arise to the voice of God, turn your attention to what you have left, and begin the faith process of strengthening that which remains.  


2 thoughts on “Strengthen What Remains Notes: What’s Left?

  1. We do what is required. We move forward. The step for me is almost always to cry. My second action is to get up and move. I do not mind that I do not often know which way to move. But i know I move. From there we figure it out.

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