Beach Wisdom Pt. One


As I had time to sit and listen to the gulf, and as I got up early to snap pictures of the sunrise, here are a few pieces of wisdom that was poured into me and some from reflections.

The solitary sandpiper walked the beach getting its food among a flock of gulls that were waiting on people to feed them. Hello, I’m a sandpiper.#BeachPleaseWisdom

Until you walk several miles in my flip flops, don’t judge, jury and sentence me. #BeachPleaseWisdom

When you flip flop with me you can keep walking. We are done here. Gone get! #BeachPleaseWisdom

In order to get the shells from the sand you have to be willing to get sand in your shoes. Some times getting what you want is worth the minor irritations.#BeachPleaseWisdom

Being in tune with your intuition is no good if you are going to ignore it or override it. I did that recently and I paid harshly for my peace of mind. I bet I won’t ever do it again. Once again, nothing and nobody is worth my peace of mind. #BeachPleaseWisdom

All quotes are by Nicole Jackson




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