Travel Confetti: Vegas, the Usual Frontier

In my casino resort, there was the temptation of this place and not the slot machines. Every day I passed by this place and STOPPED for ice cream!

My three moods while waiting for coffee to brew in the morning.

If you are a foodie, Las Vegas is the place to get your gastro grub on! So many restaurants, so little time!

Lots of Creative Spaces utilized in Vegas.

The Mob Museum

The most interesting part of my trip was The Mob Museum. If you want to talk about organized crime, the mob museum is the place to understand where it all started. The Italians and the Jews, the Irish mobsters and gangs were a very very violent and ruthless group of people. They had the means and money to import illegal things into the country and they did. I find it normal how these gangs are glamourized and many look at the violence in the cities, such as Chicago, as if these gangs have anywhere near the capacity to do what the mob did and continues to do.

Freemont Street

Vegas during the pandemic was different but, I still had so much fun making memories with my family and friends. We made sure followed the protocols and the places we visited did as well. I felt safe the entire time and remained vigilant.


Getting Away From It All



Happy Saturday! What are you doing with your weekend? If you don’t have to work and even you do, what will you do with the days you consider your weekend? I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some very trying weeks. It has been very physical and very tiring. However, enlightening. I have been longing to escape it all. I just want to get away! Preferably,  near the beach. But I will take anything that changes my scenery for now.

I am thinking and planning a few vacations. I think we are going back to Orange Beach, which I loved so much being there on the beach. The biggest vacation, and most expensive, is taking my daughter to Paris. It is a dream of hers and she is graduating from high school. The planning has been in the making for years. It is budgeted out as well. I want to do it now because I don’t know how long I will be able to travel far on long flights. Long flights and trips really do me in because of Rheumatoid and Fibromyalgia. But this will be a great and willing sacrifice of the body. However, I always have hope that things will get better physically and financially.

So, with that said, I don’t know if there is room in the budget for much more this year as far as vacations or get-a-ways. If so, they will be something near by. I am trying to pay off debt, get my credit score in good standing, which I paid off several big debts last year, and look for a home. I also have dreams that need funding.



St. Louis Love 630 ft up (Pt. 2)

My view from within the Arch. Photo Cred: Nicole Jackson of Posh Photography

Illinois is over there somewhere!

I like this shot. We could see pools on top of some buildings. (Must be nice!) Photo Cred: Nicole Jackson of Posh Photography

It was my daughter’s idea to go inside and up The Arch. Initially, I was going to let her and my niece go, but decided I had to go to insure their safety. The next thing you know, my brother and nephew were game and we all went. It was crazy being inside this tiny pod that seated all 5 of us. It was tight quarters and they ask if you are claustrophobic! It was weird as you could hear the ticking and clicking, and feel the bend of the arch on your way up. The Arch sways about a few inches on regular days, but up to 9 inches on windy days. Thank God it was not a windy day! Our ears popped a little, but once we got to the top…those views were lovely!


St. Louis Love (Pt. 1)

Photo Credit: Nicole Jackson of Posh Photography

Last week I went to St.  Louis for a convention with my mother and some of my family. While my mother and I went to classes and lectures, there was still plenty of time to explore and enjoy some of the things St. Louis had to offer like Sweetie Pies aka The Crust! The day we went Oprah Winfrey’s camera crew was there filming for the show Sweetie Pies that comes on OWN. We had to sign waivers and take pictures. The line was down the block, but it was well worth all of that standing when I got my fried chicken and sweet tea to perfection! LOL!!! I made sure I wore comfortable shoes because I knew it would be a line. We also went shopping at one of the outlets that day. I was beyond tired each day so I never got to unpack my swimsuit and get in the hot tub. My family was really supportive, understanding on this trip and did everything on this trip to make sure I was comfortable (I have Rheumatoid Dis-ease). I also did not overextend myself much. I slept like a log each nite and was refreshed each morning. Oh and I was cute each day in class! I also met some wonderful people I hope to see next year in Oklahoma.

My twist out turned out perfect this day in St. Louis! 😀 It was photo worthy!

Found these at the Nine West Outlet for $30

I’ve been to St. Louis many times as a child and a few times as an adult. It was always a rush as an adult. Six flags, zoo, eat, relax at the hotel, go home. But, this conference allowed me to see St. Louis in a different light. There was much more to see and do for a week and I did not feel stressed or rushed. However, I must return for a week without a conference and do much more! I’m an advocate for visiting a place a few times and doing something different each time.

20170619_131748 (2)
Martin Luther King Bridge


Magnificent Sunset on my first night in St. Louis. Photo Credit Nicole Jackson of Posh Photography

I took a photo of the sunset each nite from my hotel room.


Beach Wisdom Pt. One


As I had time to sit and listen to the gulf, and as I got up early to snap pictures of the sunrise, here are a few pieces of wisdom that was poured into me and some from reflections.

The solitary sandpiper walked the beach getting its food among a flock of gulls that were waiting on people to feed them. Hello, I’m a sandpiper.#BeachPleaseWisdom

Until you walk several miles in my flip flops, don’t judge, jury and sentence me. #BeachPleaseWisdom

When you flip flop with me you can keep walking. We are done here. Gone get! #BeachPleaseWisdom

In order to get the shells from the sand you have to be willing to get sand in your shoes. Some times getting what you want is worth the minor irritations.#BeachPleaseWisdom

Being in tune with your intuition is no good if you are going to ignore it or override it. I did that recently and I paid harshly for my peace of mind. I bet I won’t ever do it again. Once again, nothing and nobody is worth my peace of mind. #BeachPleaseWisdom

All quotes are by Nicole Jackson




Shared Journeys: Panama


Do you remember that time WE…and this is what makes shared journeys a lifetime memory. You never forget WHO you were with and what you did. You never forget the adventures you shared that you shared with others and the adventures you all keep a secret!!!

My first time getting my passport stamped with friends was when we traveled to the country Panama. It was exciting. The resort was amazing sitting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Waking up to catch photos of magnificent sunrises, spending the nightfall on the patio listening to jazz as the moon played the waves like an instrument, then falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the oceans after dancing the night away.


Our shared journey was made easy because the itinerary was created where everyone had an input as to what they wanted to do and we were all open to try or we had the option to sit it out and enjoy the resort activities. Even in the shared journey you had time alone. There was no pressure. I got up early to take photos and so did one of my friends, then I would go back to my suite and get ready to share a cup of coffee with my suite mate. And then the day would unfold.


Cruising the Panama Canal in a motor  boat made by the man steering it! Feeding monkeys on Monkey Island on the Panama Canal and learning things about the Canal you are not taught in school. Educational. I love to learn.


Meeting locals who live on an island in the Canal. These two girls were adorable. They travel to the main land by boat to go to the school.

Walking the streets with friends where guards are not allowed to smile on duty. Learning the history, culture, and the architecture is something we did together. Oh and trying Geisha Coffee for the first time. P.S. I love history.

Winding our way to the harbor and the fish market. Eating ceviche for the first time! A beer tasting was certainly in order.

Rooftop relaxations and libations. Toasting to the good life and Panama nights!

Shared journeys are a blessing.