The Power of Unlike, Delete, Unfollow and Hide


Not again!!!!! All I did was respond to a news article with my opinion (not a fact) and I was attacked verbally. Called all kinds of names. Presumed  to be all kinds of things. I defended my opinion. But Oh My Gosh…it just kept going and going. So, as one who prefers to agree to disagree for the sake of keeping positive or neutral  energy, I made the decision to delete my “opinion”.

It is not often I get sucked into a dispute. Once I gather I am dealing with a person who simply likes to argue, loves to insult, insinuate, dominate a conversation, I realize quickly this is a waste of my intelligence and energy. If we are not trying to get reach an understanding respectively I want no parts of it. It’s the casting your pearls to a swine sort of thing.

So, I begin to think, as I did some years ago when I cleaned up my timeline on social media what do I want to see when I log on and how much of it can I tolerate. The power to control  your energy around you in the virtual world, unlike you can many times in the real world (on the job or a loud talking person in the doctor’s office (happened to me yesterday lol)), you can have some control of who shows up in your news feed and who you follow. The power of HIDE, DELETE, UNFOLLOW and UNLIKE is like fairy dust! You just sprinkle it and poof! They are gone!

Now ask yourself why don’t I just do that? It may be because some of us enjoy the drama of people’s life sadly. Sometimes, we want to gossip about it. Sometimes, we want to argue. Well, may I humbly suggest you reevaluate your motives if you want to invite more positive energy into your life and to spend your peace of mind wisely and ask yourself: WHY? And should I feel good when I see post about something negative happening to someone? Should I burn with desire to report the post of drama from a neighbor or ex-classmate or coworker? Why do I get so excited to smash another person’s theory or opinion to pieces not with facts but, with my opinion in the nastiest way possible? Why do I feel good and powerful afterwards? (It’s really a false sense of power and accomplishment). Why like a celebrity or news outlet or candidate you don’t like so you can say mean and nasty things?

Fairy dust is now available to you in the form of Unlike, Unfollow, Hide and Delete. Go forth and do some fairy dusting today!

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