The ENERGY/Atmosphere of May

When I say “the energy” of May, some of my church people get nervous. Relax, it’s the same as we say “atmosphere” in church. Breathe. Everything carries an energy. You are energy.

May’s energy gives you clarity about your gifts and your path. It weighs in especially on those that have the gifts of healing, teaching, and creativity. And as this energy of clarity arises it will cause you to become “busy” and where there is busy there has to be “balance”.

There will be new beginnings.

This is a great time to OPEN UP. To tell people how you feel about them. Get in touch with someone you have not heard from in a long time. It’s a good time to speak your truth on all levels right now or practice speaking it. This will strengthen your throat chakra (your voice) and in turn strengthen you. It will confirm you and give you strength. Speak.

Life lessons are showing up. Embrace them. If there ever was a time to be grateful, this is one. Every day of May, think of the things you are grateful for. It could be grateful to hear the birds sing to grateful for winning the lottery. Be grateful for life lessons and life changes. They will bring you wisdom and make you more mature. They will bring you experience that will help you…to help others.

You are supported. You will be able to feel it as well as know it. Bask in that.


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