My, my, my, How You Have Changed

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As we TRANSITION into the year of 2023, while being mindful that we are in the Winter season, and though the year has changed overnight, we don’t. However, as we make plans and access our progress, have you thought about how you have changed from last year up until now? We are presented with some time to do just that. I mean how will we know how much we have grown and what areas we still need to grow, change, transform or evolve.

It did not look like it to me or feel like it to me at the time but, I was evolving. I really don’t feel like the same person. There is a shift in my consciousness and a new found confidence in myself, my gifts and talents. There is a profound NO in my spirit to things I don’t want to do, things that no longer serve me, and I don’t want to be around people that don’t really like me or choose not to understand me. I look back over some of my blog posts and I can see how over last year I was being “shaped” into who I am now. I may not know the complete purpose of it all but, I do know it is for my good and the good of humanity. Anytime we improve ourselves we improve the world. Being in the dark for half of the year about what was going on in my life did not feel good at all. I was lost. I was confused. I was depressed. I was anxious. I was angry. It seemed like every turn came with deep ditches of disappointments.

YET, I persevered. Many times, just floating along after hard hits. Some parts of me needed to be taken a part to rebuild and to be reinforced. I am reinforced with an unconditional love for myself. The relationship I needed to rebuild was once with God by connecting to God through meditation, listening, or reading in the mornings. Some mindsets needed to be destroyed. I also can see where I was stubborn and where it cost me great amounts of peace. I can also see where I had to stand my ground and speak the Word out of season (that was testy).

I want to know HOW YOU HAVE CHANGED, GROWN, TRANSFORMED OR EVOLVED? Do tell in the comments what you are comfortable sharing.


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