Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: A Call to Solitude

Photo by Ekrulila on

Coffee on the porch this morning before service. I’m being called to some form of solitude by God/Spirit. I have no idea what’s being taught or what I’m supposed to do. It’s unfolding. I’m researching. I’m asking for guidance. This is new and strange. I may as well embrace it because I’ve learned that resistance to a call only makes it harder. 18 days of solitude. God speaks to me with the Word, through others ordained/sanctioned to speak to me, wisdom that is everywhere, by spirit and Spirit, with dreams, visions, signs and numbers. Speaking of dreams… nah, I can’t share that one yet.

Have you ever been called to solitude? What did you do during those times alone?


One thought on “Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: A Call to Solitude

  1. Well, that is a great image of a place for coffee. This morning I had coffee while listening to massive thunderstorms cross overhead. It was loud and mighty and everything was clean when it was over. What a wonderful way to start the day.

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