Foodie Confetti: Quarantine Pull Up To Go. Silo and Patrick’s

I visited this place after hearing about it on Facebook. What made want to visit was the review of a Facebook friend that is on a healthier journey in life. I saw the breakfast wrap and the ingredients peaked my interests. My curiosity paid off because breakfast wrap was so savory and delicious. The “close your eyes and delight yourself in the moment delicious!” I ordered sweet potatoes as a side, too. Portion sizes are huge. I saved the other half of my meal for a late lunch that day. I like the decor because it gives a farmhouse meet organic vibe. One might think there was farm in the back as it came straight from there to your table or to go box these days. You can see the tables in the photo are put away because of the restrictions for restaurants. I like that they respect the efforts in trying to get the numbers down in Memphis, Tn. I can’t wait to order again and to share my experience with friends and family. Here is the link to check out their menu.


As a foodie, I don’t mind traveling here or there to get my “grub on” and to try new places that broaden my food experience. I also like to try places close to my area because well, this is where I am often and driving far every time you want a variety is something I hope I never have to do. It pays to discover eateries in or near your neighborhood. I have this option in my neighborhood.

The building that Patrick’s sits in was once a place I enjoyed going to for many years and even taking my daughter when she was a baby. It was called Buntyn’s. Well known in the Memphis area. There were a few other restaurants after Buntyn’s left that building and then Patrick’s showed up. It’s one of those I passed by over the years “meaning” to stop and try it out. Well, that day finally came. I had it last Sunday and I had it again Friday. And you that tells you what I think about it!

Soul Rolls from Patrick’s deserve their own photo spot. My Gawd!
Country fried steak you can easily slice through. My white gravy was on the side.

I ordered the country fried steak which is always a gamble at any restaurant because you never know if it will be tender or taste like rubber. This was tender and I wish I had a bigger piece! The greens were good and the mac n cheese was creamy. I ordered this exact same meal Sunday and Friday. That is how much I enjoyed it! Here is the link to Patrick’s to see their menu.

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of my food experience and I hope you have the same experience I had when you visit these places!


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