Becoming A Better Woman (With The Anointed Mind) Pt 4

Paul tells us what the Christ mind is all about in Philippians 2: 1-2 Paul is saying to the Philippians as God is saying to us as sisters in Christ; Look, can we get on one accord, can we show each other the same type of love Christ showed us? Must everything we do be done in strife, complaining the whole time we are doing it? Can we not do whatever we are doing and not show off? But instead can we sit down and be humble? To be humble means to have a teachable spirit. Can you not think you know it all? Can you be taught? Can we as women of God, sisters in Christ, lift each other up? Can we for one-minute think about others more than we think about ourselves? Can’t we care about each other? Can we be Christ minded? Don’t get scared, because God is not asking you to be perfect. There is none perfect but the Father. But Jesus said be ye perfect, as I am perfect. In other words, the Greek translation of what Jesus is saying is “be ye mature, as I am mature.” How did he do it? He used the Christ mind! Christ means the anointed one. Jesus the Christ. Jesus the anointed one. Let this anointed mind be in you is all that Paul is saying. 

The Christ mind is in tune with the Father, checks in with the Father daily, gets its marching orders from the Father, ordered steps and works side by side with the Holy Spirit. Let this mind be in you! The Christ mind is on a mission, it doesn’t have time to be in your business because it is about the Father’s business. Let this Christ mind be in you! The Christ mind is a servant! If you are not serving in church, in your community and in your home in some capacity then certainly let this Christ mind be in you! The Christ mind is humble, I told you that means to have a teachable spirit. Let this Christ mind be in you so that you can learn something and retain what you have learned!


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One thought on “Becoming A Better Woman (With The Anointed Mind) Pt 4”

  1. I think our minds and actions can be on the same page, and still be dancing different steps. After all our steps might appeal to different people, lets face it I can barley dance and still I have a place in the dance.

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