Do You Have A 2019 Reading List?


I am a reader. I like to read a wide variety of books and I have to be drawn to them. This year I will be finishing up some books from last year and years ago. I have two new books, Becoming by Michelle Obama and The Wisdom of Sundays from the Soul Sundays on the OWN channel. That one will sit on my nightstand all year as I will read it when moved to do so. It has excerpts from those that appeared on Soul Sunday and it’s a good to read it in the morning to start your day or at night to end your day. The book Inner Engineering is so deep and heavy you have to read a chapter and rest. Mind boggling and blowing. Sometimes you have to read the chapter over again to understand it. It’s from last year.

So, what are you reading or what’s on your list? What kind of books/genre do you like? I’ve never really had a line up of books like this before. It sort of just came to me this way. I also have two novels to read.


5 thoughts on “Do You Have A 2019 Reading List?

  1. Yay! Reading goals! 🙂 I’m hoping to read 50 books this year, mainly consisting of books from my to-read pile. (My GoodReads Want-to-Read list is currently sitting at 783 books – gulp!)

      1. LOL the one thing I’ve learned is to choose the number of books that’s right for you! 😀 20 is a grand number!

  2. Hi Nikki. no reading goals, but as a recent retiree I’m definitely reading more. My reading list consists of : Minority Leader by Stacey Abrams, Positivity by Harry Edelson, The Book of Harlan by Bernice McFadden, Housegirl by Michael Donkor. I’m currently reading Always Another Country by Sisonke Msimang and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.
    P.S. Please check out and follow my site at focusonpurpose 😉
    Thank you!

  3. I am currently reading: “America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation” it is a discussion of how the fundamental churches of the time created a social structure that contributed to the war effort in both the North and South. Next up is German Army 1933-1945. Then The Algiers Motel Incident. That is as far as I have gotten in 2019. But sense these will be the flavor of my year in books.

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