BEHOLD: The Three Dimensional Christian


I’ll never forget I was at an entrepreneurial event and a young man stood up to introduce himself. He said he was a minister, he had a non-profit, he ran a lawn service (I think) and he was a bartender. Yes…a bartender. You heard the roar of laughter and the remarks were “You can’t be a minister and a bartender! How is that? What?” Well, apparently you can because he was and is. I hope he didn’t stop bartending just because of that. So, I guess no bartenders are saved or believers in Christ. I guess if they are, they have not been delivered.

In my mind you have traditional and devout Christians that adhere to their strict beliefs and denominational rules. And many times they not only judge the world, they judge other Christians of different beliefs and denominations. Let me be blunt, it’s pathetic and secondly it’s immature. And more harmfully, it’s divisive. The church period has been known to toot their own horn. Proudfully, pointing out the sins they don’t do to the world and shamefully pointing out the sins of others. Therefore, presenting this one dimensional Christian to the world. As soon as you say you are a Christian, the world and other Christians expect you to be a particular way and share the same beliefs as all other Christians. AND IF NOT….you’re damned by the church and you are damned by the world. You know, the immature section of the world and the immature section of the Christian world. But be of good cheer, you’re not damned by God just because you exercise your liberty, your will, and your ability to have a good time on this earth differently. And no, I am not talking about breaking bad from your core beliefs as a Christian.

In all honesty, and this is just my blog and me talking, I think they both should grow up. Perhap, the world should see they are being just as judgemental as “those” Christians. Touche! I visit Vegas almost every year and you should see some of the faces of Christians and non-Christians when I mention Vegas. “There is nothing there to do but gamble. You must be gambling!” and then from the non-Christians “You’re a Christian. What are you doing in Vegas?” I sigh. The ignorance among these two groups can be unbearable at times.

I don’t adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the traditional church and nor do I agree with all of the rules and regulations of the non-traditional church. Neither am I middle of the road or lukewarm so you don’t have to worry about me being spewed out. I’m not on a higher level or lower level. I am just on a different path and I have a different relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I don’t question your relationship. I don’t know what you three have going on. My personality is not yours. Your limitations are not mine. My freedom is not yours. I enjoy cocktails. I can wear a bathing suit and I’d wear a bikini if I could. I like “secular” music. I enjoy it daily. I go to clubs sometimes and I hit the dance floor with a live band. I write books with scenes that may make some saints faint at the very thought of what happens in the REAL life of REAL people they KNOW…heck…might be them if they were honest. I curse sometimes. Sometimes I turn up rap music and nod my head in the car. Sometimes I turn up gospel music and get the holy ghost as they say. I am unbothered by other people’s choice of religion. I like my choice, do you like yours? You probably think your light shines brighter and it’s purer because you don’t do a lot of things you see others doing. Just that very thought alone is problematic and perhaps you’re not as bright as you claim. That’s okay. Not all lights are bright. I’m just happy those in darkness can see a light. What matters to me is how you treat others. What matters to me is how you show compassion. What matters to me is that you represent Christ and not your own personal biases, laundry list of do’s and don’ts, imposing your personal beliefs on us that are just being who God created us to be. Not matter what you believe and without your approval.


One thought on “BEHOLD: The Three Dimensional Christian

  1. I do not even understand what a proper Christian is. I mean ye without sin cast the first stone. I cannot even pick up a rock, I doubt anyone else can either.

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