Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Winter Blessings


Winter slows us down. Great. We need it. For many of us cooler or colder temps, heavy snow, rigid temperatures, a lull in tourists, all change the way we do things for a season. We can learn from each season and borrow from each one and apply the lessons to our own lives throughout the year. Basically, there is a time and season for everything.

Winter blessings bring the holidays of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, and Valentine’s Day. If it’s too commercial for you, then make it less commercial. (yes I wish they would stop with the advertising in stores as soon as one holiday pass they are already putting up items for the next holiday. Seems like they could learn a lesson from winter. Chill.) I like the energy it brings. It is a cozy season. People seem to be less in a rush, more cheerful, more polite, lighthearted, and loving. Easy going. I like the gathering of family and friends during this time. It’s slowed down and no one is in a rush to get back in the cold weather to leave. They linger just a little longer.  Winter brings about the blessing of quietness. Nature has a quietness and a stillness. In the midst winter birds such as cardinals, jays, and chickadees are singing or within our view. They love my tiny backyard.

Another thing about the stillness of winter is it’s very meditative. It is very calm. You can sit and stare out the window. Meditation. You have know idea what you were thinking or looking at. All is still until a squirrel scurries along or a bird rests on the fence. It’s reflective. You think about the year that is passing and the year to come. You begin to make preparation or get organized….well at least mentally.

As a person that has a few illnesses that makes cooler weather difficult and harsh on the body, I made a conscious decision not to let my illness ruin this season. It’s a conscious choice you have to make on your own. Winter is just being winter. It’s my body that is the problem. And even with that, I prepare not only physically as much as I can, but also mentally as much as I can.



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