Confetti Weekend: Vending Woes and Triumphs


Top of the morning to you! I had a great weekend filled with vending at two different events. One was the Colonial Park UMC Fall Arts & Crafts Festival and the other was the 4th Annual Purple Meets Pink Affair (for Domestic Violence Survivors & Breast Cancer Survivors). Let’s get the WOES out of the way, shall we?

The Woes: I was affected by the storm and tornado that came through on Monday morning of last week. My power was out until FRIDAY evening and I had my entire week planned to finish up and prepare for both events. I had to crochet in the day and go to my parents in the evening and return home at night. It was cold at night and I have Rheumatoid Disease. I layered my quilts. I eventually got a hotel room Thursday night until Saturday morning. I crocheted all Friday night and slept for 4 hours and did the event. In the midst of this I finalized the ending of a relationship after seeing something with my own eyes. This person was also suppose to help me with both shows. I had no idea how I was going to do all of this. I was incredibly STRESSED and in so much pain. My daughter called me from college Friday and said “Mom, my classmate is coming home and I am going to ride to come and help you with your events.” She had no idea about the power being out, nor the break up. I did not want to concern her with those things because she should be focused on her classes. I was exhausted before she ever arrived. I did tell her once she got here. She was a HUGE help as she has been my helper as long as she could walk and talk lol. Anyways, I made it through both events and the last one I had to do all by myself, but she helped load everything into the car before she returned to school on Sunday. I had two very supportive phone calls from one stranger during that week about the break up, depression and anxiety. She is an in your face truth kind of person. I needed that. Plus, I realize Mercury is in Scorpio and this is the season of BOLD TRUTH AND BRUTAL HONESTY. Boy did I get a HEAP (as my granny would say) of that at the end of this relationship. A HEAP (just had to say it again).

Now on to TRIUMPH!

The rain slowed the crowd down at the Arts and Crafts festival that morning. But then as I suspected and prayed for, all of us vendors in my area were praying, the rain slacked and the people came in like a flood! I sold so much of my crocheted items and even a piece of art! I met numerous vendors, received great advice and made many connections. I also learned of more places I could vend and sell. I also learned how to get into the fairs that come to our city. I learned about a huge event in St. Louis. It was a great Saturday although I was tired, in pain, and I slept like a log when I did get home. I put on my smiling face and greeted every customer.

Sunday I was ready to go to the second event. The event itself was inspiring and once again I met some great business owners. I shopped with them and they with me. I did very well at this event for it to me a small crowd. The people there were very supportive and so were the vendors.

Here are some photos of the other amazing and gifted vendors from both events. Plus, the things I purchased!

This is my haul from the events. It’s important to support other vendors!


Sunday Morning Coffee Musings: Winter Blessings


Winter slows us down. Great. We need it. For many of us cooler or colder temps, heavy snow, rigid temperatures, a lull in tourists, all change the way we do things for a season. We can learn from each season and borrow from each one and apply the lessons to our own lives throughout the year. Basically, there is a time and season for everything.

Winter blessings bring the holidays of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, and Valentine’s Day. If it’s too commercial for you, then make it less commercial. (yes I wish they would stop with the advertising in stores as soon as one holiday pass they are already putting up items for the next holiday. Seems like they could learn a lesson from winter. Chill.) I like the energy it brings. It is a cozy season. People seem to be less in a rush, more cheerful, more polite, lighthearted, and loving. Easy going. I like the gathering of family and friends during this time. It’s slowed down and no one is in a rush to get back in the cold weather to leave. They linger just a little longer.  Winter brings about the blessing of quietness. Nature has a quietness and a stillness. In the midst winter birds such as cardinals, jays, and chickadees are singing or within our view. They love my tiny backyard.

Another thing about the stillness of winter is it’s very meditative. It is very calm. You can sit and stare out the window. Meditation. You have know idea what you were thinking or looking at. All is still until a squirrel scurries along or a bird rests on the fence. It’s reflective. You think about the year that is passing and the year to come. You begin to make preparation or get organized….well at least mentally.

As a person that has a few illnesses that makes cooler weather difficult and harsh on the body, I made a conscious decision not to let my illness ruin this season. It’s a conscious choice you have to make on your own. Winter is just being winter. It’s my body that is the problem. And even with that, I prepare not only physically as much as I can, but also mentally as much as I can.