My Writing and Creative Space


I have cleared the clutter, rearranged, and designed a new space for writing and creating. I moved my desk upstairs because not much is going on when I look out of the window during the winter months. I am not inspired. However, upstairs the sky gives a better view of the day. You can catch great sunsets and sunrises..well, at least the glow of them.

The photos are REAL photos I took when I traveled to Panama. The seashells are from the Bahamas and was were given to me by a friend. I will visit there someday soon I know! The candle is a soy candle. The scent of it is masculine and I like the energy it brings when I am writing about a male character.


2 thoughts on “My Writing and Creative Space

  1. Any interest in helping me get my work space organized? Sheryl says it is my paper or me and my paper. Either way, it is getting organized tomorrow. I thnk she is serious, very serious.

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