Pure Gold Nuggets


Trials deepen your relationship with God when you’re rooted in the Word. #puregold

In order to be “made” you have to go through the fire. #puregold

Sometimes you go through for your story, but it’s always  for God’s glory. #puregold

You can take it. You can survive it. You can thrive. Nothing can put out your fire. 🔥 You are the fire! You don’t even smell like smoke. #puregold

You may not fully understand these things that have happened to you. But, you understand who created you. When it’s all said and done, when the smoke clears, you’ll still be standing. You’ll be standing in abundance. #puregold

They think you’re done. They think you’re washed up. Everything has been burned to the ground. But in the midst of the rubble and the ashes, you’re still alive. Save your ashes. God will trade you your ashes for beauty. #puregold

God “ain’t” (has) never left you. What kind of parent do you think God is? Life wasn’t designed to always be easy and neither was it designed to always be hard. Take a closer look and tell me your good days don’t outweigh your bad days. Truth be told, better choices lead to better days. A better relationship with the Creator leads to better days. Treating people right leads to better days. #puregold



3 thoughts on “Pure Gold Nuggets

  1. This is right on! I was diagnosed with cancer in March and am undergoing treatment. I don’t know why except that I believe a powerful, life-changing testimony will be the result, and God will be glorified! He is,with me all the time! Thanks for your encouragement

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