Using Scents for “Such a Time as This”


In a time where your spirit is feeling some type of way (upset about the choice of Hate over Hope for me), or you need to get back on track and focused on your goals, dreams, and the TRUE vision of your religion (which I hope is UNITY and LOVE and TREATING EVERYONE WITH RESPECT AND THE RIGHT TO SERVE WHO THEY CHOOSE), I have received these two scents to burn in my home: Cinnamon and Vanilla.

You can burn oil, incense or a candle (and if you don’t like the strong smell of those the candle would be a better option). The aromatherapy and power of smell is underestimated by many because they lack knowledge in that area. And to be honest I never liked neither of the smells I mentioned. However, the urge to have those scents have changed and change according to the what is in my atmosphere or the atmosphere of the world. It is all about energy and I am not feeling the energy in my country.

Why Cinnamon?

Cinnamon can be overpowering and that is the type of energy  you need to conquer strong emotions/energy of DIVISIVENESS, HATRED, RACISM, PREJUDICE, MISOGYNISTIC-ISM, EVIL and so on. It is an invigorating sent. A come alive scent. A bring you back to LOVE and POWER scent. I read where cinnamon was added to Holy Oil and burned. Cinnamon is powerful for healing and yes, I feel there will need to be some serious healing in this country all the more. Cinnamon makes you feel warm, safe, and protected. With minorities feeling unsafe, not welcomed and unprotected  I can understand why I was spiritually lead to this scent. Our children are afraid and this scent in the home can help with reassuring them. Perhaps if you are wonderful educator, not biased or prejudice, you could use a little in your class room. It is very uplifting. I have some cinnamon scented pine cones and you only need two or three. It is very very overwhelming in a small space if you use more. It also sharpens the mind by taking a whiff of it. I use it in my coffee.

Why vanilla?


It brings about joy and relaxations also!

If you have vanilla oil you can take ground cinnamon and sprinkle some in. A duel effect of energy flowing through your home. And as I mentioned before, candles are a more softer form of the scents than oil and incense in my opinion.


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