RA BLOG WEEK: This is Thriller


Pain, but no gain. Pain meds, but no gain. I can’t say I have taken Opium for pain but, I have taken Tramadol for severe pain. I take a prescribed Naproxen that really doesn’t do much for my pain. I can only take it as needed but, it’s always needed. I do the best I can to get through the pain. You cannot take Naproxen everyday and you cannot take it when you are on Prednisone. So, I take Prednisone when I am in a flare. I take Naproxen when I am in pain and it makes it dull. It’s still annoying and uncomfortable.  I’d rather suffer than to take Tramadol because it helps greatly with the pain but, as my Granny use to say, when you are without your whits, “It makes you foolish.”

We experience pain everyday and that is hard for people to believe. It is hard for doctors to believe and I wonder are there any doctors with RA and Fibromyalgia? A scientist? A research technician? Perhaps you can confirm.

A low grade pain in between the webbing of your fingers for 24 hours and three or four days can drive you up the wall. A pain in your hip or sciatic nerve will have you walking like the zombies from the Michael Jackson video Thriller. But this is not THRILLER this is worse. This is life most of the time, from here on out, until they find a cure. Until then, here’s to heating pads, ice packs, massages, pain meds, herbal remedies, prayer and whatever you need to get through it.




7 thoughts on “RA BLOG WEEK: This is Thriller

  1. Why can’t you take the steroids with Naproxen, or Naproxen not every day? I do both under prescription from my GP if I also take Omeprazole to protect the stomach. Just curious, not trying to cause trouble!

    1. Increased toxicity when they interact. It can cause ulcers and problems with your liver when you take them together or either one of then everyday. The liver is very fragile especially with all of the other medication. When they take our blood they are always checking the liver. He immediately stopped my naproxen daily. And I knew from other RA doctor that I could not take prednisone and naproxen at the same or on the same day. When I am in a flare, prednisone is 5 dyas twice a day and then I am off of it.

      1. Ah, ok – I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they develop something new that might help you!

      2. Sorry if this posts twice – Thanks for explaining, and I understand. I hope they come up with something new that helps you!

  2. Nikki: I am sorry I missed your signup for RABlog week. I adore your blog. The pain is the worst. Yuck. I dislike ice packs and pain meds. as well. A few weeks ago I want on my bicycle and fouled my right hip some way. Surgery in a week. I hate RA.

    1. Hello Rick! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have found quite a few more RA bloggers and I am happy for the connect. We need each other as we are often the invisible. It is good to be seen and understood. I know your surgery will go well. Let us know how you do. I hate RA too!

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