Zen Flow Universe


The Zen idea, description, principle that calls out to me the most is: Zen is being in the flow of the universe 🌌. How I wish to be in the flow of the universe.

There was a time in my life where not only did I not know what I was doing with my life but also how did I end up here? No where near where I desired to be. If only I knew where I was SUPPOSE to be going then I’d go there. I was lost and very confused.

I’m no longer lost but I’m still confused on just how to get into the flow of the universe. And then as I was typing this, I said to myself how did I get so far off course?

The answer came quickly for me. It even sadden me. My life was set off course by an authority figure that discouraged my hopes and dreams. They killed my fearlessness with self doubt. So I’ve spent 22 years far away from my destiny. And here I am trying to run back to start and set my FLOW with the universe. The journey out is easy as you spin out of control. Easy but damaging. It’s harder going back mentally and emotionally to start over. I’m pushing against the negative.

I believe I’m on my way to get into that jet stream that will line me up with the flow of the universe for my life. Though it be very challenging, I accept. I accept because in the flow time warps and you’re right where you were intended to be and age doesn’t matter to the universe. Time doesn’t matter to the universe.


Grace in the Ordinary_ A Powerful Force For Love.jpg


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