The Love Experience: “Black Love” My Perspective

Don’t panic super saved people. It’s just a sculpture of a giraffe in the background.

After reading the article (posted and broken into two parts) from my previous two blogs, the word resilient is what comes to mind. However, for others who are supposed to be geniuses, I can’t see how they don’t understand the need for Black people or any minority to CONFIRM and AFFIRM themselves after hundreds of years of degradation. It takes years, possibly hundreds more, to undo the damage and heal as a group of people while simultaneously fighting off more destructive behavior, prejudice, systematic injustices, violence in the community and violence from without. To say the least, it’s a lot.

If people were so intelligent and so superior, they would understand psychology or seek to understand the psychology of abuse, slavery, suppression, oppression and the effects it has on a group of people. Maybe, because they are so smart, they should know it. But they don’t. “Get over it” is one of the most unintelligent things uttered to people of color or minorities. The empathy and sympathy, the “never forget” for those with lighter pigmentation is overwhelmingly evident. So, if anyone is going to love themselves, if any race or culture or minority group, it has to come from within. It cannot be expected from without. It cannot even be expected from those that are of the same religion or denomination as you if they are of a different race. You can look at how many Christians excused and upheld the prejudices, racism, biases of a particular political leader. Some even stayed silent.

I don’t concern myself with other cultures or minority groups as they love on themselves and foster love in their communities. I only ask them to extend their love to all of humanity. That is the real challenge. If hearing other races or groups talk or shout about their love for each other makes you feel uncomfortable then the problem is not them, it’s you. For they are trying to undo the narrative by a surplus race that they are somehow unlovable and lack value as human beings. You don’t get to decide the course of healing African Americans take or any other minority group. You don’t get to control that. Imagine the abuser telling you when to heal and how to heal. I don’t think so. Yet, there is room for assistance. There is always room for forgiveness and collective healing.


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